Matchmaking and P2W



Honestly I think the game can get annoying at times when you’re pitted against players you have no matchup against. Commonly I find myself facing a level 12 as a level 7, or facing a level 9 who’s either extremely lucky or put a few too many payments into the game (just happened). It’s just aggravating getting into a fight with no alternatives than watching yourself get run over because every. single. unit they have is better. Plus I also feel bad beating the ones that are trying hard and may be good, but just don’t have the unit power to fight me. And going back to one of the things I said before, the p2w in this game is insane. You can practically buy all the units & heroes (units through rng of course), but if given enough money you can have everything for your factions in no time at all and it ruins the experience for others. The game is great, honestly, but there’s just some things about matchmaking I’d like to see changed.


Yea. Matchmaking is a downer. Hopefully it’s fixed after this update


Nope. Just got matched with a few high levels. One of them only one cause of that ascension aoe damage thing. Went into a 2v2 with a bud and expected people of similar levels but both were higher than us. Speaking of which saw my first lv 15 today… in bronze v


If their units are level 14 and commander level 10. They’re bots.


I’ve just realized. What’s the point of being in a league if you’re not going to fight people in that league? I hadn’t noticed, but I’m stuck at bronze 4-6 because I get good matchups and others where I fight lv 17’s. I just played against a level 13 (as a rank 7 mind you) and he was silver 5. Why!?


Matches should be based on level. As player level’s are priportional to unit’s level

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