Matchmaker placing me in a match I cannot win


Geez, fix the matchmaker. I went against a level 11 and I am a level 2. I don’t really appreciate a match I have no chance of winning. Even the level 5 I just went against decimated me. It’s a real turn off.


Yeah. Match,aking should be against same levels.


Hi @Krull1 !

Thanks for the feedback. I can understand why it’s upsetting to be paired with players who appear to be too strong for you.

Our matchmaking system is based on the ELO rating system from chess. Systems like this are used in almost every competitive video game. You can read more about ELO here: I suggest you give the article a read – it describes the system in way better detail than I can.

If you are being matched with players with higher levels than you, I would assume that you’ve been winning many matches against pretty highly rated opponents. As you win, your rating goes up and you are matched against players with higher and higher ratings. Your rating will continue to march upward until you are defeated. I’d assume from your post that you’ve probably been “punching above your weight class” and proven yourself pretty formidable — ending up with a rating similar to players who are higher level than you. The ELO system basically has determined that although you’re level X, you play (and win) so proficiently that you probably should be paired with players with levels greater than X. It’s possible these higher level players probably ended up with a lower rating for some reason (maybe they’re trying out a new faction for the first time, maybe they’re very unskilled players and lose a lot). Perhaps the person you were matched with had just lost 5x matches in a row and had their rating drop really low. The way the system works, once you’ve started losing to these players it should adjust and start given you less formidable opponents for a while.

Match Making is Broken