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I’m sure the topic was discussed before, sorry for bringing it up again, but I guess the matching system will make me quit playing: either I get matched with decks several lvl above mine (and an avg of 2 lvl difference is enough to make any strategic and luck irrelevant), or the other player cuts the connection because it’s the same from his/her perspective.
In combination with the waiting time I have around one or two interesting fight with someone my size per hour. That sucks.
Gauntlet mode would be a perfect alternative, but it’s behind a paywall (and no, it does not amortize automatically by the rewards, that’s naive fallacy).
No offense, but is there a way we can give you money, without you making us feel frustrated to do so?

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Looks like my feedback was highly appreciated. Actually I shouldn’t criticize you, sorry for that. Rather I should accept that the new gaming industry’s business model is based on player frustration. With this pay2lvl-up thing (and the paying has to be hidden behind coins and diamonds…) it gets down to: We want to make money, happy player pay less, let’s create a never ending greed for upgrades.



Lol im gold 1 in rogue and partners gold 2, we get matched with a mid diamond and a gold 6(right before diamond) lol not once,twice, but three times in a row and my partners have all been randoms on the low gold end lmao…

They were playing 2s from same guild so thats even more of a disadvantage while im playing with randoms lmao ya if they dont fix this kind of shit, the game will die slowly hemorrhage and die.



Man…you nailed it…Gaming is dead…greed has killed it. Now it’s just a nasty expensive habit that is guarantee to make your life miserable! Just playing this game is a defeat.


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