Match ups broken horribly

I only have one lvl 17 unit in my deck and my partner has none. And we got matched up to a pair of full deck of lvl 17 units… 5 times in a row… same people 5 times in a row… same people 5 times in a row… same people 5 times in a row… and they have full of lvl 17 cards and we only have one lvl 17… please don’t tell me it’s not broken, it’s just not fun to play anymore…

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Oh, the level 17 bot clan? I know them. :rage:

Game is all going well with you Tekk? The point is saying match ups are wrong, we should not get matched up to a death squad of same people 5 times in a row.

Dude … I’m agreeing with you.

I don’t come to play BOTS. That is what is happening.
And in case you’re new around here, matchmaking is their biggest issue aside from losing player base.

It’s not just bots, I’m sitting at crystal 2-3 and apparently me and a high gold are a fair matchup for two champions or 2 crystal 6’s running full 17’s . Definitely not bots; usually HOD or Royal Guard.

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When they throw out unique emoticons, it’s a dead giveaway for bots. And I agree, there are the top alliances which do have maxed out decks.

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