Match ups are not even


I keep getting paired against “Royal Guard” members that are leveled far higher then me or the player I am paired with. I don’t know why you can’t fix the match ups so the lower ranks can have a fighting chance. Fix it.


Sometimes, you’ll be matched with much higher level players because the particular commander/deck they’re playing with is not their “main” deck, and so their units are generally weaker than their strongest deck. However, this isn’t very clear, and is something we’re addressing in an update soon.


That isn’t the case at all. The players r ranked much higher and all their units r leveled way higher…


What level are their units compared to yours?


For me I run into( I’m lvl RN so I’m a tasty noobs snack for them ) lvl 8-19 people who have powerful cards that they can spam and I can do nothing but watch them put 20 cards down for every 2, this game has great potential but if you don’t fix this soon people will leave as fast as they came to the game


10 or greater and mine r mostly 7-8 with a couple 9’s


Legendary cards start off at level 10, so those are expected, but generally you can match with someone whose units are ±3 levels from your own––it just depends on what they’ve spent coins and resources upgrading. It’s likely that they’re using an alternate commander that they’ve leveled up some of the units for, and you’re matchmade with their faction’s elo. More information on our upcoming matchmaking improvements can be found here.