Match Making is Broken


The Fact that different leagues can play against each other is a broken idea. Have being on both sides I can understand the unfairness in the match making. I’m in silver league, level 13. I should not be playing level 5 first league people because I just roll them. And then vice versa. I should not be playing against people level 16-17 in gold/ diamond league, because I have no chance. Also when I win I only get about 7-9 trophies. But then every loss is at least -20. Just a couple things that need to get fixed because it makes this game very very frustrating.


Yes. You should battle with players with the same or near your levels. The game is really frustrating when you lose because you cant fight


I just started, was on a 8 win streak, and start getting matched against lvl 7 or 8 ppl. Their cards are lvl 4-8 and mine are all lvl 1! Everything kills my cards in 1-2 hits wth


Hi @Bing98 @Saccharine @Ater!

I responded to a similar question in another thread:


I guess it’s alright to play vs higher lvl enemies when you are on a win strike, but you should also get more points for winning with them. I got 22 points for a win vs enemy who was 6lvls over me and 25 points vs the one 2 lvls lower. It kinda sucks

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