Match making and unit scaling

Is this game serious?? It matched me 5 times in a row against people which are 6 ranks above me and having 3 rank higher units than me.
There is no way to win if you get a premade with level 11 units, yours 14 and enemy 16/17 rank units.
This whole unit rank system is breaking the game anyway. Not skill depening if you gonna win then.
The unit level system needs a new system and alot of balancing. As a result, match making wouldn‘t be a topic anymore.

Hi @Micha.

May I ask which game mode you’re playing? Is it 1v1-ranked? 2v2? Events? Gauntlet?

There’s a bunch of discussion on this topic here: Something is seriously wrong with matchmaking

I am playing 2vs2 with randoms and sometimes clanmates

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