Make a state of the game post, or a known issues post, do something more

The update has been out to almost a week and besides telling people you’ve gotten no more matchmaking complaints and that your game is more in-line with Heartstone(completely different genre / type of card collector btw!! At least in Hearthstone you dust cards to get the ones you want, not to throw away cards to upgrade other cards. No other games forces you to destroy cards to upgrade cards, only acquire different ones you want.), all you do is direct people to a generic zen desk support page.

Make a statement about your known issues, or what you have been working on. Your App Store, online reviews and forums have received more than 95% overwhelmingly negative feedback in response to this update. App Store review score has dropped by a full 0.4 in less than a week. Communicate with your players, or keep throwing out compensations to keep players content and busy.

Hire someone that actually understands professional communication with experience in community outreach.

Do something more than copy pasting long winded nonsensical canned responses, acting unprofessional towards dissenting players and directing people to your time consuming generic Zendesk support. I have never seen such a lack of response and action in an online multiplayer game. I’ve seen better support, communication and compensation for update issues in offline single player games.

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  • This is a good suggestion.
  • We posted 2.50 release notes a week or two ago here: Version 2.50 Release Notes
  • My colleague did this for one issue but not everything ( Missing Card Bugs - working on fixes ).
  • In the past we’re updated the known issues at the bottom of the release notes, I can try to do this again.

We don’t have the resources to staff a professional communication person or team right now.

I’ve personally spent most of my free time after I come home from work responding to forum requests. I’m sorry the responses feel unsatisfactory for you. I’m definitely not a communications professional (my background is in coding) but I’m about as good as we’re gonna be able to resource for now :laughing:

For what it’s worth — these are not canned responses — I’m typing every response out in the evenings after work. I’m currently typing this on my iPhone while cooking breakfast before work.

I’m not sure if you consider this a “cut & paste” but here’s a quote what I wrote on this subject in another thread. I’m going to insert it here because I don’t see the value of intentionally being inefficient by typing it again

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