Madness is WAY Overpowered

Feedback here: Madness is super OP, I think. Its area of effect is too large, it turns units on their allies as well as allied buildings, and lasts too long. Also, I think only Giga has a reasonable counter to it. Needs a hard nerf…

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I have a different view.

Its effect is not that strong and it is quite expensive compared with freeze (1), zoom box (0) and rally point (1).

Then you clearly haven’t used it on a pack of tier 2 tech units and a boss with a nuke truck in them :frowning:

For what it’s worth: that’s Madness’s intended purpose. Prior to this, trying to deal with a big wave of high tech units was frustratingly difficult. Higher levels of Madness do have longer durations, but this is something we’re keeping an eye on to see if adjustments are needed in future balance patches.

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It‘s strategic to not play a nuke truck into it then if you are playing against ascended. Finally they have a good option against heavy units, heroes and unit spam. Ascended can be played like a board control (caster/support) with all these spells which makes fun. Just try different setups and play strategies before calling for a nerf. Other classes have great stuff, for example Reaper, too

I agree. I finally have a way to counter Avasa. Now with suit up, she’s even more OP than before. If I drop madness on her I at least have a chance

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The problem is that other factions do not have any counters against madness. This has really made it unfair for the other factions that didn’t get equivalent additional strategic options. I think you really should check the stats to see how the results have changed.

I think a lot of other players have mentioned that it’s about playing around Madness, which is a legitimate strategy. Avoiding large balls of units that are susceptible to Madness is important. Trying to “bait” out an early Madness for little value can also be good. Looking at the current Counterattack event, there are a few additional examples:

  • Grouping units that can’t actually attack each other if Madnessed i.e. Grrrilla & Punchbox.
  • Throwing in a low-value unit that can soak a bunch of damage to distract for the duration of Madness i.e. Sentinel (or Goo Dog out of the event)

This is just a start. Perhaps there are other strategies people have seen that they’d like to share?

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