Madness is Locked for me?

It says I must reach level 46 before it’s unlocked, and I’m over level 60. Thanks!

Edit: They’ve just credited my account with an appropriate amount, so I’m happy now. It just took some time, but they did it, so I’m glad.

Hi @Kier! Oh oh, that sounds bad. This is the first time I’ve heard reports of this problem. I’m actually not sure which screen you’re looking at when you’re seeing this error. Can you please send us a screenshot? It would help us get this fixed more quickly.


Thank you. I’ll make sure to show this to the team who develops the seasons tree

My elite subscription expires today, and I was planning on upgrading multiple units once I bought some madness. Would you be able to give me an extra day of elite by any chance to make up for this bug once it’s fixed? Thanks!

hi @Kier can you plz send us a screenshot of what this looks like when you’re looking at the list of madness nodes? (without being covered by the popup) It would help us get this fixed much more quickly. thank you!

Did you actually unlock all the nodes prior to this one, or are you tapping ahead? Our current belief is that if this is the “next node” it wouldn’t say that… but there might be a bug!

Yes this is the next node.

Well this be fixed before the 25% off seasons sale for spectere (legendary) is over? I’ve been waiting for that unit to be released and didn’t go for the other 25% offs, and I’m missing out on units and rank upgrades I could have bought because of this bug. Can I get compensated for the time this bug has prevented me from advancing through seasons? I’ve bought Elite a few times, but I won’t be inclined to do so anymore if I felt I’ve lost out. Thank you for looking into this, I appreciate it!

The engineer who built seasons is looking at your case, but I’m sorry I can’t provide an ETA. I can guarantee that once it is fixed our support team will make it such that you will be able to purchase the items you were supposed to be able to from sales and other things you missed.

Thank you! I appreciate the update. I have season coins to spend, so I’m kind of in limbo not having these upgraded units to compete, and not knowing if I should wait for the ascension path to be fixed, or spend them on something else. Good to know there’s a ticket in progress on it.

There’s no way to bypass those screens and give me what I would’ve gotten now? For instance, I would’ve gotten Spectere and upgraded my Spectre to the highest possible for this weekend’s event and gotten a high ranking, but now I can’t compete in it…

Plus ranking resets in 9 days…I would’ve made it gotten past diamond by now if I had these additional season cards collected already

I think you’ll get better support for this more personal issue if you contact our support team via the in-game “contact us” button @Kier … could you please try that so we can better help you on this tricky issue? Sorry for the trouble.

@S7campusLifer, @S7Dave Thanks for your help so far. I sent them an email 2 days ago, no response yet. I considered going the typhoon route instead since I’ve been sitting on so many season tokens, but I see it’s locked at a certain point for me too! I’m at level 70 already…no one else is having this problem?

I don’t know if it helps, but it stops at level 46 as well:

Hi @Kier

Here’s my understanding of the problem:

  • Even though you’re level 70, your gamestate is missing some of the intermediary “achievements” logged in the internal state.
  • e.g., there’s nothing in your gamestate saying you actually reached level 46, even though you’re at level 70. Somehow it was skipped.
  • This is obviously a bug on our part, and we need to fix it.
  • The engineer who built all these systems will look at it as soon as he can.

I’m so sorry this is happening to you. (Note to self… ref: 60414)

Hmm it could be because I started playing this game near its inception, or that I left for a few months, and then came back after the leveling system got upgraded.

I appreciate you taking the time to explain things. Hopefully customer support will contact me soon…Spectere is only on sale for two more days.

Support has not been very responsive, and I have not gotten anything for it. I’m about done with this game and will not pay anymore for it.

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