Madness glitches

In the past I’ve had Val’s gun glitch out where it keeps attacking my units until it’s life runs out, even after madness is through. And just now in the event, I had a mimic copy of a cyclops glitch out and continuously attack my units after madness was done. My units wouldn’t even attack the glitched cyclops clone, so it was basically invincible. Only stopped when it was killed by the other team. Totally ruined my chance at winning the match. I’m extremely frustrated. This needs fixing ASAP.

That’s not intended and we’re working on a fix (ref 60243). In the meantime, at least it affects everyone equally – so you’ll have to play around it and treat it like any other part of battle for the time being. Sorry we can’t fix it immediately.

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Madness when it hits a mimic while transforming into a unit also endlessly attacks wrong team. Not fun when it’s a specter…

The fix for this is now live.

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