Madness bug

I just encountered a bug when madness didn’t stop for Val’s tower. Not sure how to reproduse it, but here is my steps:

  • Val with her tower was summoned behind the shield wall.
  • There was some troops outside wall and my opponent used madness in that area. Val’s tower wasn’t even affected(but Val was) and started to attack shield wall and kept doing it after madness ended and destroyed wall and then some units.

Hi @Might thank you for reporting this problem. I’m sorry you had to experience this, it’s the first I’ve heard of it. If you could point us at a specific replay, it would help us greatly in getting this fixed quickly. Thanks!

My opponent was MRWHITE and replay timed as 2019-07-21 00:03:08

I have experienced madness not working at all a couple times. I’ll throw it down, and it doesn’t affect the other players units at all. I’ve only had this happen in the event, hasn’t happened in multiplayer yet.

Also, I’ve noticed if someone throws madness at my typhoon and it happens to be right at my shield, my typhoon shoots over my shield and attacks my power plants and my ship. If my shield is in tact, I feel like this shouldn’t happen.

@Might Thank you for the information, we’ll try to get this fixed for an upcoming app release (60412)

@PHNEWALLETKEYS thank you for reporting these different issues with madness. If you can point at a specific replay where you’re seeing this, it would help us greatly in getting these fixed more quickly.

Madness does not work if the unit is behind a shield, ensure that is not occurring here.

Also Madness is OP, not many strategies can push both lanes in the one player games. Giving this faction a mass removal reply to a game locked into usual swarm strategy declaws too much healthy decks. It is sad really, I might actually start to leave this place and dump my money back into Hearthstone.

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