Mad Mimic won’t go back forever

When mimic was madness, the unit it clone will keep attacking its owner forever. The worst things is, owner can’t attack that unit and it will take out its own base like no one could stop it

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I got the replay if u need

Hi @Sherman

THank you so much for reporting this. I’m sorry I didn’t notice this thread earlier. If you manage to catch this in a replay, plz point out the specific replay to us and it will help us get this fixed much more quickly. (ref 60412)

I was just about to post this too. If you madness a mimic and it clones the cloned unit is permanently madnessed. Glad I’m not the only one that noticed I have 2 replays of this if needed

Yes please! Who against and about what time were the match(es)? (To save you time – one is enough!)

I created the post right after that game. U can check it out. Thanks!

vs Djin2? we’ll check it out, thanks

Still not fixed bump

Hi. Unfortunately, any change to battle behavior requires an “app update” and thus has a longer turnaround time.

This should be fixed as of today:

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