Lost tickets because of server

@S7campusLifer I lost 4 matches now because of your servers and lost the tickets along with the gems I wasted buying them. Not sure if anyone else is having this same issues.

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I had one lock up on entry and cause a loss


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What happened here???

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Thank you for reporting this issue. We are aware of this issue and hope to fix it soon. Do note that if you quit the game and relaunch it will say "You disconnected – The last ranked game counted as a loss”, but you actually won the match and your medals will be updated correctly.

So I’m suppose to wait 30 mins for it to connect? What about it my gems and tickets I lost.

Less then 10 minutes ago. Thought you fixed it??? What am I suppose to do here? Waited for over 10 minutes to connect. First battles of the day? Also my wins and medals were not adjusted l.

It is not yet fixed and will require an app update to fix.

When’s the update? Still have another day for events?

This bug has been active since v2.50 was released. We plan to fix it in v2.60.

So should I just stop competing in events then or???.. what? Cause it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be within then next couple of hours or the next day… So yeah just a thought not sure what to do then. What’s the point in spending gems on the event if I’m just taking those loses?

Having the same issue here

Well shit if I can’t get an answer I can at least get my gems back

So should I just stop playing this game for good and get my money back or what… can’t get an answer from you guys I can’t participate in alliance raid or arenas or events without it freezing up on me… so what gives?

I also had a match lock up on entry. It appeared my opponent quit immediately when we entered, I saw the victory screen, then it froze on the battlefield and I couldn’t do anything to get out. I quit the app and came back and got the DC error with a note that I lost. I can’t say whether my event medals reflected a win or loss because I don’t watch them closely enough. (On the last point, it’s starting to take a very long time for rank, wins, and medal count to load on the event screen, so much so that I often give up waiting and just hit “battle” without checking those first.)