Loss of competitive ranking system

I understand the point of changing to arenas to make an equal playing field, but I play this game because I am competitive. Trying to get to challenger, increasing my rank, and having people SEE I am a increasing my rank and am a good player was the whole part that kept me coming back. You want to be able to compare yourself against others and have others see your rank. Now there is no point. Now the game feels like a participation medal for everyone compared to the feeling of winning a trophy.

Ranking shows how good you are and people of similar rank should be equal. The only reason that last system wasn’t working is because you let gold play challengers. I’d you kept levels closer, it would be fine.

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Hi @Donnie2 ! We totally agree. Once we see how this new system is playing out, we plan to bring back some more ranks after the last arena and some rank borders to show off with it.

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