Losing coins on log-ins


So I’m losing coins by the butt loads here and this sucks cause I’ve been spending money on this game that I play a lot, anyways I first noticed this when I logged on and had ZERO coins … nearly impossible to reach 0 unless you make perfect purchases, so I said F it I’m gonna go buy some shit in the store I DONT CARE I love this game :grin: so I play some and re-log to find out I lost thousands more BUT not down to zero, so I test it then and there, I re-logged to see dropped from 3K to 1500 … please help and refund my coins so I can spend more money in the future


Ok now from time to time I get auto kicked plus I’m now losing coins AND gems…anyone else having this problem, is this something being looked into, hopefully something is done soon getting tired of seeing resources go down for nothing


Ok well I’m very happy that the problems were fixed like losing coins/gems and having incorrect unit upgrade costs displayed but I’m wondering if I can ever get my coins and gems back…I’m still loving the gameplay

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