Losing by random bugged out matches

i was searching for this topic and didnt find anything but pretty much every day this happpens and i lose games/ events(wasting ticket)start match cant see nothing but bottom left corner the two poercore are zoomed in huge and then i get destroyed! image|1000x563

Can you zoom out? I didn’t know there was a zoom in and out feature till yesterday lol so I’m not being sarcastic

ya slightl but theres no difference cant even see what happening to my base… all u can do s drop units rush and hope for best on bottom lane

That’s very unfortunate, I’m not sure if I’d rather have that happen or lose by accidentally clicking on a notification and immediately losing lol

no doubt i turned all my banners off like an hour ago now that u mention… was so mad about to win dropping a unit in top lane to take the win and message from somebody annoying that i would rather ignored… disconnected and lost. Phone battery dying in a battle is epic as well, get so into the game even after a 10% battery warning and suddenly phone shuts off… needs a built % meter since this game just drains so fast. PLEASE!!!

Lol yeah, but at least the phone dying is mostly in our control, that top lane isht and no parallel app functioning in 2019 is a bit odd

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