Lopsided event matchups

Just wondering how the last three matches in the current event I went against players with troop levels between 13-15, when my highest troop is 12 and it’s the only one at 12. The rest of all units I have are between 8-11. I understand I was killin it at the event, and went 4-0 out the gate but it’s quite impossible to beat someone who’s actually playing with units that much higher than my own



I agree. I’m constantly going against level 14 and 15 when my highest level troops are 12. The matchmaking system is such a joke it’s not funny…it’s sad. You can throw everything you have at a single level 15 troop and not even scratch them. Until they fix the pvp system this game will not grow.


This is just every match for me now. I can still win some, but every time I see my 11-12 deck and a level 14 val(who I can’t even unlock) pops up I might as well just concede. It’s getting old. I don’t mind as much in non event matchups but at least give me a chance.


The game currently tries to pair you with an opponent where it believes you have about a 50% chance of winning – and thus your opponent has a similar chance of winning, and from that perspective the matches should be “fair.” To some extent, I expect highly skilled players (like yourself, going 4-0 out of the gate!) will end up playing a mix of (a) equally skilled players with similar card levels and (b) less skilled players with higher card levels. In an ideal world, we’d always fall into case (a) … but in reality it sometimes takes way too long to find a match that falls into case (a) and so we’ll sometimes choose to go with case (b) when it means we can substantially reduce matchmaking times … sitting on the matchmaking screen is a bore, after all! Note that in both cases the expected win chance is the same – about 50%. Case (b) just doesn’t feel good. Hopefully we’ll be able to get more matches into Case (a) over time as our community grows and as we get better and making “ideal” matches.

Events are also affected by a second factor – your estimated skill rating or elo starts afresh each event (well, players with higher levels cards start with higher elos). It takes some time for the game to learn your skill afresh each event (and this is necessary since each event requires different strategies and different cards … being good at one is not a reliable indicator at being good in another). I haven’t dove into the data on this yet, but I suspect this is one area where we might have some room to improve matches.

We’re working on it (matchmaking) every release. Thanks for your feedback and for sharing your experiences.

Thank you for the in depth response. I’m sure it can’t be easy making the right calls with matchmaking. I think it’s just a lot more sensitive in events because a loss hurts so much more. I vote bring back the ability to buy commanders and at least that way I can do the val thing too!

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Definitely having less of the absurdly lop sided match ups the last two events.

Was doing pretty good at the event. Decided to get an extra set of tickets went against one fellow twelve and these three…image image image

To me making “fairer” match ups where one player is just a way higher lvl to have a supposedly 50/50 chance in the event match up, against a supposedly more skilled player at a 2-4 levels below is absolutely horrible.

That’s literally punishing more skilled players and hooking up folks that don’t know what that they are doing. Maybe I should just lose every match for an entire event so I can dominate every other one. I nearly always come out the gate with 3 outta 4, or 4 for 4 then I’m like let’s get a nice lead before everyone else figures out what’s working and then I literally get bent over by S7 and yalls matchmaking.

Sorry, this is a really rough matchup. One complication with event matchmaking is that when the event starts, we don’t have a good estimate for players’ skill levels because the event has unique units and rules (even when we run events periodically, like Frenzy, the unit compositions change). This means at the beginning of the event, every players skill estimate is likely very, very rough. We do differentiate estimates based on each player’s card collection (better cards, higher estimate) but players who play early raise their skill rating (MMR) and possibly even pass those with higher level cards who don’t play at all for while (e.g., they’re sleeping or whatnot). When those with higher level cards come online, they probably have to play a handful of matches before our estimate of their skill estimate also rises (and rises beyond your own skill estimate).

It’s a tricky problem. We could assign even higher skill estimates to some players with higher level cards, but those might be too high, and result in those players losing a lot more than they should. I think we can do better; I’ll talk with the team about some options to try to reduce the number of extreme matchups as the system gets ahold of a proper skill estimate for each player every time a new event starts and players play their first dozen or so matches.

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50 50? That’s crap. Does that take into account the rng factor of card order? Prime example is this current reforged event. The game isn’t decided by better play most of the time but who gets their teddies out the gate faster to score the middle power cells granting them their soul fuckers first.

  • Especially in events, the decks have high variance of card level.
  • In events, many players will have 1-2 cards out of their deck which are level 17 while the rest of their cards are much lower level.
  • It might be alarming seeing a single card which is much higher level, but by itself it’s not evidence of a really bad match.
  • It’s possible the rest of this match was lopsided, but a screenshot showing a single card at level 17 along with a level13 base doesn’t necessarily scream “This was a terrible match up”.
  • In the future, I think we make the app show “average card level” of both players to make this feel less alarming when it happens. Then people would see “ok yeah this guy has a few level 17 cards but our average card levels are pretty similar”.

Are you talking about average card level of all the cards for the event or for the deck they built. A person could have a low average level but still field a deck with mostly 17s while someone with the same average level will have all 12s and 13s in all the cards available and the deck they built from them. Also if someone had level 17 of a card that mandates 4 or 2-3 level 17 in a card that mandates 4 in the last couple of events with multiple mandated cards and the opponent has base level or not even bought then it’s still very unbalanced.

Though your opponents may have higher or lower card levels, the system tries to make matches where the expected outcome is 50/50. In practice, it’s not too far off – everyone who has posted in this thread in fact has a win rate a little over 50/50. So while you’re seeing opponents with higher level cards, it seems like you’re getting those opponents because you beat them as often as not, despite their card level advantage. That is, you’re more skilled than many other players!

I’m pretty sure if I were to fight that level 17 Val 100 times, I would lose all of them barring ones where they straight up quit. Though, the other matches did seem winnable… not really 50/50 though.

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This happens all the time. Especially when playing for a chest. A marketing ploy so we will buy costly upgrades. Constantly going against higher rank players.

Yep you guys must be smoking that good stuff if you think that me and a team mate that are out leveled by 3 levels commander wise and FIVE levels unit wise that we have a 50% chance of winning.

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I’m only talking about 1v1 play in event and ranked modes. 2v2 matchmaking has a lot more work needed (and we’re working on it).

Even in 1v1 it’s a joke. I just got trash by a lvl 11 player because I got handed no units that could counter his much higher lvl hero power squads. I started with 3 heal bots lvl 8 and his two followed by a second split squad were 11 and I’m handed nothing by rng. That’s crap match making and in way possible to have a 50% chance