Loot box legislation

I’d really like to know how the game is going to comply to these new laws once they are in affect or if you plan to shut down US based players? This game is seemingly formed around everything that will soon be illegal and I don’t know how you’re going to change everything while not upsetting the whale community you guys created

Wow. This will really throw a wrench in their whole business plan if this goes through. I’m willing to bet it’ll just get more expensive, as in subscription or or one lump sum at the beginning. Honestly tho, I miss the days of just going to Game Stop to buy a game for $60 and you have everything in that game right then.


Btw, I won’t be at all surprised if your post about this just gets removed instead of getting an answer lol.


Oh I guarantee it will get closed just like every other post I make but like I told you, I’m done after this event lol I’m gonna get a refund from apple for the $50 pack I bought right before the event because they ignore my events literally being broken and my pleas for help even when I do financially support them and with that video, this games gonna get the thanos snap and I guarantee you that they know it because they’ve been almost silent since that was introduced onto the house floor lol

A truly interesting video especially given the recent change in value for purchases here. As a said before the game hasn’t been about micro transactions but rather about macro transactions. Personally I miss just paying for a game and being able to play competitively without spending hundreds to thousands of dollars.


Go play south park phone destroyer, that game is amazing and even with micro transactions it’s respectful and it’s very similar to this game, I’ve played for four months straight and still love it

I already play too many games…

Lol touché good sir. (Not sure if your male or female but the character req wouldn’t just let me type touché lol)

I’m ok with games moving in a subscription direction; keeps devs pressured to put out new and engaging content.


Yeah, that won’t end at the US there if the loot box ban passes. The US ban will be the spark that’ll cause countries worldwide to question in banning loot boxes. Countries like the UK, Belgium, and Australia are onto banning loot boxes already before the US gotten wind of predatory loot boxes from the EA fiasco.

Yeah I was mostly being facetious lol they know, that’s why this thread is still open

Hi folks,

As a completely personal opinion, I’m thrilled that you guys are paying attention to current events and using our forums to have an honest discussion about it.

As an employee of S7, I would say that we’re definitely keeping an eye on the political landscape. Of course we want to keep making awesome games and stay in business.

As long as the conversation is constructive and civil, there’s no reason to close the post.

Any way we could get an idea of how things are going to change if this goes through? I’d be thrilled to play a game made by you guys that has respectful monetary practices, you guys really do make great games and I’m sad I had to quit this game in its current state

Honestly it’s not something I can really speak to.

I’m sorry that you had to quit the game and really appreciate the nod to our ability!
Hopefully you can join us again in the future. We’re always evolving!

I’ll be back as soon as I feel there’s an appreciation for all players at every spending point :blush: you’re probably the most respectful dev who responds on here btw lol

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I recently started playing a game called Raid Shadow Legends. For ideas on how to structure the cost of everything if the bill passes or even now for better ways to monetize the game fairly, I suggest taking a look at that game if you get a chance. They have a lot of options on how to spend money, and there’s something for everyone at different price points. They also have a subscription that you can sign up for, as well as referral program. In addition to all this, they also have tons of different ways to get loot, through achievements and clan battles.

Just a suggestion, I’ve seen a lot of good things that could possibly be implemented here. I think with some different structuring before the Android release, the player base will grow exponentially. The referral program I think is a must for this game to help it grow

I’d hop right back into this game if all these money issues were fixed too, just a quick side note lol and that doesn’t mean remove all monetization, just respectful transactions

The only problem is that’s hugely relative. I don’t agree with a lot of what they do and like pretty much all of the companies that drove this change should it come. They won’t change until they’re forced to :man_shrugging:

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