LOL! Quest pass is huge troll / joke right?

Clash Royale
Free pass Royale: gold, epic and often 1 legendary chests. Occasionally a free skin. Pretty cool stuff. Usually $15-25 worth of stuff for the freebies.
Wild beyond quest pass: takes 20x longer to grind out than pass Royale and gives like $2.99 in gems and less than 10 recruit tokens.

Pass Royale is $4.99
EB Quest Pass is $24.99

I’ve never seen any game offer above a $9.99 Quesf / Season pass, let alone $24.99!!! S7 needs to pay a high school AP Econ student to do some market analysis for them.


I’ll never buy the quest pass again for this game at this rate and at this stage of the gives you absolutely nothing it’s worth nothing trash :wastebasket: pass is what it should be called S7 is the worse promoters of there game ever sorry S7 it is what it is.


The quest pass provides ability to earn 80x recruit tokens, 6x epic chests and 14k of diamonds – which should be a few hundred dollars worth of value if you had purchased them through other packs. It’s priced at $24.99.

So have you noticed many people buying it? Once upon a time people bought big expensive packs because they were worth it, guarantee legendary cards, etc. Now everything offered is crap and not worth the money to most seasoned players and probably not worth the money to earlier players.

It actually makes me wonder if dust was your way of trying to get players who had most of the cards they needed to start buying packs again to get cards to dust. If it is it still won’t work.

Since all the changes the only thing I spent money on here were the emojis. Not sure why I did, not sure if I would do it again. I had stopped buying packages because you made them not worth it. I maxed out my quest pass a week ago and have no intention to purchase it.

Just because it’s a savings over other ways to get the contents doesn’t mean it’s actually worth it, since those other ways to get the contents aren’t worth it either.


My point is 2-fold.

  1. Your free version of the pack is a lackluster demotivating waste of time, ESPECIALLY when compared to similar games.(You brought up comparing WILD Beyond to other popular big selling games as talking points quite a few times, so live up to it!)
  2. Every other mobile arena deck battler offers $4.99 for the passes and offers significantly more value than this $24.99 quest pass. In the last $4.99 pass Royale we were given THREE guaranteed legendaries, a bunch of epic chests, the ability to re-roll cards from those chests, currency and a castle skin. Guaranteed legendaries and a castle skin and a ton of other stuff, like $200-$250 altogether… for… $4.99. Quest pass gives a couple hundred dollars in the most generic rewards possible without even an increased chance for legendaries, let alone guaranteed drops.

Edit: I just want to add, I hate Clash Royale. I’ve had a big hankering for arena deck battlers lately so I’ve been forced to move there for a more valuable and better gaming experience. I experienced a 2-minute bug, opened a ticket(within the app) to SuperCell, and within minutes I received a response, explanation of they didn’t know what happened, but they see something happened, and they gave me like $2 in gems just for contacting them and providing information on the issue. So I’ll continue getting my kick there for now while longing for the unique and wild gem this game used to be.

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Recruit chest is a joke epic chest is an even bigger joke 14k gems useless they don’t hold any real value besides coins No dust no skins no legends out of ur so called 80 recruit chest most people maybe get one legend if lucky your 1% chance it’s not worth it at all sorry 24.99 is just way to much for getting nothing that we really need.

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