Live Update 310


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Bug Fixes:

  • Roxie Impact Damage was 0 has now been fixed
  • Scaling of Nash’s Damage Buff, Rally Point, Val’s Turret and other effects was way to high (example: Rally Point was giving an 18,000 damage buff at level 50 instead of 600)
  • Dust costs scaling was wrong. It will be higher at earlier levels and lower at later levels. Overall cost to get to level 50 is unchanged.
  • Scaled Allied Raid coin payouts and card levels

Thank you all for bearing with us with this new version. Please report any other issues you find here on the forms or through our support team.

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Hey @S7Dave - I upgraded quite a few cards after the update. Any chance of seeing how much extra dust I spent and crediting that back?

The scaling is still off, the cost to go from 45 to 50 went don’t from before this new update but it’s still higher then it used to be to go from 16 to 17 so the cost went up it’s not unchanged.

For a common card
Before 2.6 the cost in dust to go from 16 to 17 was 72000
After 2.6 the cost in dust to go from 45 to 50 was 144000
After the new small fix the cost in dust to go from 45 to 50 is 108000

So it’s still gotten more expensive which is opposite what we were told it would be.

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Just want to point out event is pretty broken at the moment. Seems there’s no suit up when hammer falls. Plus (this ones weird) it seems what we’re seeing is not what’s happening. If you check my last replay you’ll see every unit is behaving as normal as far as health and damage output goes. However, that’s not what I saw while playing. On my screen in real time storm kestrel, healers, giga, and lightbringer were doing an enormous amount of damage/healing. Giga came down on a full health avasa and killed her with initial swing, kestrel killed my shield in 3 hits, and healers kept avasa alive despite having 2 lightbringers attacking behind other distractions. I posted it in our team chat to talk about the bugs but when someone disputed me I watched it again. The replay showed everything acting normally (other than no suit up at hammer drop)


@Lyth Depending on the rarity I believe you should have gotten the missing difference in dust cost as part of the upgrade?

@Savvy what you saw in real time was the issue mentioned in S7Dave’s post above, that should now be fixed; the reason the replay now looks normal is that our replay tech uses current parameters, so its using the new fixed value to show the replay. Hopefully future battles will now be normal - please let us know if battles after this point are still having this issue.

Please contact PX, we should be able to check and correct.

It’s not fixed in event. Units still dealing way more damage than they should

While I believe I got some dust I did not get enough dust to account for the difference in upgrading all of my cards, not even close.

Dragon I have said it before, I paid for chests and chests of cards that were taken away from me on the excuse that the upgrades no longer took as many cards, that is not true because the cards that were removed were needed to turn to dust to do the same upgrades.

I am formally asking for those cards to be replaced so I can upgrade what I could have upgraded before 2.5 was put in. As I said in another post my understanding from reading the rules Apple has put down for in app purchases is one thing the seller may not do is simply remove things that were bought and paid for. That is what you guys did when you removed all our cards. As a player who invested A LOT of money into this game I feel betrayed and robbed as I have lost the upgrade ability that I had PURCHASED with real money and had taken away from me.

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