Live Update 260

Live updates may require you to re-launch your game, but won’t require updating from the App Store.

New Seasons branch featuring unique skins and core units!

A brand new season branch is now available. The branch has a section for each faction, and includes 9 new unique skins, epic and legendary chests, and copies of core (non-season) legendary and epic units!

Change to Alliance creation cost

The cost of creating a Alliance is increasing to 40k coins.

Developer comment:

  • We believe the game is much more fun when played with an engaged and active team, and Wild Beyond has many teams at the higher end that have strong leadership and communities. Unfortunately, we’ve found that new players who install the game were joining very weak and unengaged Alliances. These Alliances are often created by other new players who were still very unfamiliar with the game and the leadership role & responsibilities.

  • Our goal with this change is to have fewer new alliances created, but with a higher overall quality of each alliance. We’re raising the price of Alliance creation significantly to make sure the people who create new Alliances meet this bar. We believe requiring players make a large personal investment to start a new Alliance will make sure that they are more likely to be very familiar with the game and understand what it means to be a good Alliance Leader.

Change to Alliance Quest payouts

Here’s what this system does on the game currently:
- You get 25 Season Tokens for doing the task at all, which pays out immediately.
At the end of the day…
- You get 50 Season Tokens if anyone did the quest.
- You get +50 Season Tokens if 10 people did the quest.
- You get +100 Season Tokens if 20 people did the quest
- You get +100 Season Tokens if 30 people did the quest
- You get +100 Season Tokens if 40 people did the quest
- You get +100 Season Tokens if 50 people did the quest.
- This means a maximum of 25 + 500 Season Tokens daily.

We’re going to change it to:
- You get 25 sTokens for doing the task at all, which pays out immediately.
At the end of the day…
- You get 10 Season Tokens if anyone did the quest.
- You get +10 Season Tokens if 10 people did the quest.
- You get +30 Season Tokens if 20 people did the quest
- You get +50 Season Tokens if 30 people did the quest
- You get +100 Season Tokens if 40 people did the quest
- You get +400 Season Tokens if 50 people did the quest.
- This means a maximum of 25 + 600 Season Tokens daily.

Developer comment:

  • The goal of our Alliance Quest feature was to have a strong incentive for high percentage of your alliance to participate every day, because we believe having highly active/engaged teams makes the game more fun! Previously this system paid out 25 Season Tokens as soon as you complete your personal quest, and then up to 500 Season Tokens if you managed to get 50 of your teammates to participate as well.

  • We found that many Alliances are happy to collect the season tokens they’re receiving, but don’t yet feel motivated to push 50 people from their alliance to participate daily. Many Alliances have been stalling out at 20-49 participants without encouraging more people to participate per day. We are increasing the maximum total number of daily tokens generated (25 + 600 vs 25 + 500 previously), but are moving most of the rewards upward towards the bar of getting 50 members to participate.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue where if you had built 3 power plants in the Boom! Event you could sometimes not rebuild them when they were destroyed.

Unfortunately I don’t think it’s that people aren’t pushing the guilds, it’s that the guilds are dying. This is the fall out we were warning you about from lowering the value of packages and lowering the payout of coins. People have become unhappy with the game and started leaving. I was in the #4 guild Space Bandits and after your coin change people stopped signing on to the game we fell to #5 and then people who wanted to stay competitive started jumping ship. At least 10 members of that highly active guild including the guild leader just stopped playing.

What does that say about your decisions and the complaints that have been repeatedly put forth on these forums?

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While I am excited to see new skins, i must say, it is very disappointing that I have to buy through thousands of tokens worth of cards that I already have maxed out, I beg you to consider your higher tier players a bit more when adding features like us, I again have to say it really feels like you’re neglecting your earliest and biggest supporters, and I know many from Royal Guard feel this way as well when we see updates that force redundant spending upon us in order to obtain new features. Very disappointing.

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It would be nice to get an extension on this season. You added a bunch of new and cool stuff throughout the season and there’s no time to get it all without dropping hundreds on time warp chests that have terrible value

Also why does ascesnsion only get one skin

Are the skins from the new neutral branch going to be available next season? Two weeks is not a lot of time to get the items on the new branch.

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I have to say I agree, the new branch might be ok for early players, who likely don’t have the tokens to use it, but for long time players it’s hugely wasteful of tokens.

Change of alliance quest payouts is unwise, I don’t believe that even top-3 can find 50 every day playing members of 60 possible, may be rg has such amount. Buuut players of every other alliance now are facing with slowdown of their growth. So do you believe that it’s right policy?

Dark angels finishes the quest everyday

@Besdlenss: For sure not every team will reach this goal – just the ambitious and well organized ones. Currently, most alliances contain a couple of active players along with many low-activity players. What we hope is that over time a set of ambitious alliances start bubbling up because they recruit and maintain an very engaged team.

This is one of the first steps among many to encourage more social team play, but it’s going to require teams which are much more densely packed with active players working together. We don’t expect it to work overnight, but hope to change the social dynamic so there are more teams who look like Synergy or HOD.

For instance, if we wanted to create a crazy “20 vs 20 Alliance War on a huge battle map” feature, we basically couldn’t do it because there’s only ~4 Alliances which have enough active players. We plan to create more and more incentives to be in an active team such that the majority of active players condense into teams with other active players. Once we’re there, we can start created a bunch of really fun collaborative team-based game play.

An android release would help with that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You haven’t addressed my comment that the reason for the decrease in active play is exactly what we have been warning you against, players leaving.

Also it’s great to encourage everyone to play but again you drop the reward for many players. Keeping it 400 up to 40 players (which is a lot of players when a guild only holds 60) and then upping the reward from 500 for 50 players to say 750 for 50 players would have been better. No one goes down and there is a nice bump for getting 50. Now if you get 43 you only get half the amount you got before this change,

When will you guys learn cutting rewards even in the name of redistribution is BAD and PISSES OFF players and makes them leave. You have a great game being destroyed by bad decisions on awarding players.


Actually I find this alliance event update for tokens very weird. All these while my understanding from the dev for this game was to support more on players who can’t spend whole day playing or towards more casual players. Now the thing is by making this update you will kill the rest of the alliances and maybe only have top 5 alliances left in here. Here are my reasons

  1. Due to limitation of members (60 players) in each alliance most top rank alliances have minimum requirement to join. They will only accept Diamond and above players. You will make gold, silver or bronze players leave this game if they have no new home.

  2. You mention Synergy as an example for good team management. In order to attract another good players you need to have high core level and loyal players. I am one of the first diamond and challenger player in Synergy and before we grow to what we are now, I have resisted the temptation of joining higher rank alliances simply because I believe gathering all the top players in few top alliances is a BAD move for any games. Now with this move you force people like my previous self to join top alliances because of the reward.

  3. We have our sister alliances. We train and help new players to be better at this game in hope that they will stay and keep on playing this game. You just killed our sister alliances because our members will prolly migrate to higher ranking alliances with more active people. If they can’t make it they quit this game.

  4. You cannot and will not be able to have a larger scale alliance versus alliance war in this manner if you only have Royal Guard as no 1 power over the rest because that will make a lot of players leaving this game if they are frustrated in the event. That will kill the game even faster as most of the games I have played before die a natural death with these methods where they create server after server then merge them together once players start leaving the game. Condensing many top players into top alliances is always a bad idea. You need diversity.

Anyway this is only my opinion. The decision is up to you to make. Thank you


Also the increase of coins needed to create a new alliance in my opinion is a very bad move. If you have 10 new alliances created daily you might have slight chance to get a HOD or Synergy alliance. If you have 0 new alliance created what are the chance of getting one good new alliance ? 0%


We definitely don’t want to encourage burnout or anything like that.

The goal of this feature isn’t to do anything competitive or playing at alot or anything like that – the requirement is to win a single attack per day!

An engaged team full of complete newbies in Stone/Bronze rank who have cards at level 1 can achieve the top prize by logging in a single time per day and doing a single chest-opening battle. It will take leadership who is organized, teamwork and kicking out inactive people but teams at any level of deck power should be able to achieve the highest reward goal.

It really shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes per player – of any deck power & rank.

Well I understand the point you are making. We are talking about different stage of alliance maturity.
If you already have 60 players now in an alliance you will have no problem even if all the players are at bronze stage. My concern is at the infant stage of an alliance. HOD and Synergy don’t grow over night. It takes time to grow (60 active members) to where we are now and with the alliance reward what are the chances of us seeing a new alliance coming out ? Everyone will find a mature alliance to join.
Maybe that is the direction of the management now. I can’t debate without any numbers here. Maybe you are right because you have all the numbers and data. We will just have to see in short and long term what is the impact.
Thanks for taking time to respond.

I have not received the 600 tokens for the last daily quest and it’s been happening to a lot of people. Please respond

I have not received the 600 warp points either. It completely skipped it!
Please can you restore them??

@Chucklesb011 exactly why I made the other post about the rewards packs when you rank up. Totally agree.

@Lyth it seems like they have deliberately skipped over replying to you, which I’ve seen happen quite a few times when it’s a subject like that. @S7campusLifer please do not ignore direct questions like this.

Hi @Lyth

  • We definitely hear the feedback.
  • At a high level, we’re not perfect. Sometimes we’ll release things which are wrong and we’ll need to iterate on them.
  • This feature was released about ~2 weeks ago and after seeing it in action, we found it wasn’t having the intended effect – we need to change it. If it’s still not working, honestly we might need to change it again. We’re human beings and we don’t get every number right the first time.
  • We obviously don’t like seeing our players upset. In the short term, it would be easy for us to make sure all the numbers always inflate upwards with each change. Long term, it’s going to break the game economy if we do that every time. It’s a balance.
  • We will continue to monitor the usage of the feature and continue to tweak as we get more feedback and data on how it’s working.