Live Update 249

Live updates may require you to re-launch your game, but won’t require updating from the App Store.

  • Fixed graphical issues with some unit models like Confronter Tanks, Sky Sharks, and Skysweepers, etc.
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What a quick expedient update, I wonder why you can’t change other things your player base hates as quickly?

In software development, seemingly small changes don’t always mean a small amount of work. The opposite is sometimes true too. It really depends on the scope of the feature, and all the other parts of the product it touches. The fixes to these unit models took a lot of hard work and hustle from our art and engineering teams in the past 24 hours, and I would not discount their efforts to address the displeasure of the players who wrote to us about this problem. Likewise, we’re still working on the other things you mention, but those touch much larger, complex systems, and therefore take more time.


I’m specifically referring to the monetization practices that your community keeps telling everyone that your company is known for and the issues that seem to just keep popping up about in your face monetization instead of building a flourishing community that is generous to all levels of the player base and have a foundation of “fun and awesome” rather than “premium f2p and expensive”. This game is amazing, the balance is pretty damn good, the graphics are clean and crisp, the battles are EXCITING, but then you get out of the battle and you realize that you aren’t getting anywhere if you don’t pay an arm and a leg. I’ve been playing for a month now and spent probably $50, give or take and I don’t mind at all. But I have an alliance of people who can’t afford it and they aren’t having a ton of fun right now. Fun should be the main priority of any game, this is supposed to be an escape for people. Second, I’ve been told your studio gives up on games pretty quickly so I know a large chunk of the community would be very happy to see a road map and I know I would at least personally be more inclined to continue to spend like you make so clearly you want to happen. I will always support a game company that supports its own community and that is the most important thing about this market.


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