Live Update 244

Live updates may require you to re-launch your game, but won’t require updating from the App Store.

New Season Token Chests

In version 2.12 we’ll be introducing Season Token Chest to help everyone out with progressing through the season. The Season Token Chest contains more Season Tokens than any of the other chests and will be available for a limited time in the Store and value packs. These new chests will contain:

  • Season Points
  • Epic, Rare, and Common cards (with a chance for a non-season Legendary card)
  • Coins

Buying your way through is not a solution to anything, I forcast backlash and silencing my account for another week for objecting to even more pay to win schemes.

Just so everyone is aware of just how little these chest will do for you, these are the prices of legendary tier rewards, mind you you need all three keys to even open this level and each time warp chest contain 1000-3000 tokens for 2000 gems

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Is this a joke? Less than 1 - 3k tokens for 2k gems? Guys you’re showing absolutely no respect to your players and as one of the long timers I can say this is simply insulting. I’d love to love your game but your shop is one of the worst creations I’ve seen yet and it does not deserve our money.


Thanks trey. Yeah I’ve given up hope of getting time warp legendaries

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I’m close but you have to spend soooo much money

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