Live Update 242

Live updates may require you to re-launch your game, but won’t require updating from the App Store.

  • Fixed a bug where Giga’s Nano Shield was not preventing damage from the explosions in Boom Events
  • Fixed a bug where units spawned out of warp portals had inconsistent levels when both barricades were destroyed.

Any plans on returning the cost of ticket refreshes back to where they were in events? I feel like you guys definitely got the feedback you needed to see if it’ll work and it doesn’t. Just wondering if I should plan on buying an event pack, because if the ticket refresh stays the way you had it in the last event, I definitely won’t be spending any more money on your game. That really is lame, because I like to show my support to the devs of games I like, but if you’re not willing to listen to your paying customers and won’t make the necessary changes that we ask for, then there’s nothing I want to spend money on.

Please take into consideration how many of your customers complained about this, be it through the forum, emails, or within alliance or global chats. I haven’t seen a single player in the top five alliances that likes what you did to the events.

Despite your reasons behind this change, you have unhappy customers that will stop spending money and will abandon your game.

Keep in mind that negative reviews make more of an impact than positive ones. All it takes is one well-written negative review to really make a dent in your player base, while it takes multiple positive reviews to convince people to try out and stick with your game. Without our money and our dedication as your customers you wouldn’t have much of a game. Please take that into consideration before blatantly going against what people want.

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Oh look!! You guys didn’t change a thing! Why am I not surprised?

You tip your hand like this yet expect to be taken seriously :roll_eyes:

Dude. It isn’t a threat from me. All I’m saying is that it’s business 101. In today’s world with everything online, it takes one bad review. Excuse me for knowing what I’m talking about.

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You obviously feel differently from the majority, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep being condescending on peoples comments. It’s not cute

Y’all keep assuming this majority thing. Common bandwagon logical fallacy. Why not just come speak your peace? Fact is you are making threats. Trying to intimidate with claims of a majority and speaking doom about the game’s imminent collapse if you and your alleged majority don’t get what you want.

It just isn’t so. There are people who are undoubtedly upset that they can no longer reliably buy their way to the top ranks. But far and away the complaint I’ve seen most often - that even this recent angst campaign hasn’t managed to overshadow - is that players don’t want a game that is pay-to-win only. Players want access to the top rankings without having to dump a ton of cash into it. They want to look at season rewards as something they can fight for instead of some goal only the monied elites will ever attain. And even among those who do have deep pockets and want to buy the best toys there is a desire to find quality gamesmanship at the top ranks, not just a bunch of posers engaged in an arms race. Diminishing the impact whales have on the game will facilitate a game that appeals to a wide enough audience that will allow sheer numbers of players to fix the matchmaking and wait time issues. A big enough pool of players who can fight to the top ranks means the players who spent three, four, or even five figures on the game will have something worthwhile to do with their armies when they’ve bought them.

So let’s be honest here. You aren’t a majority and you know it or you wouldn’t have to boast about how many positive reviews your relative handful of complaints is supposed to overshadow. You’re a player with an opinion who’s talked to some other players with the same opinion. Nothing more.


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