Live Update 240

Live updates may require you to re-launch your game, but won’t require updating from the App Store.

In recent events, we’ve seen a number of players obtain the highest ranks by using many ticket refreshes and playing as many games as possible. We want a player’s event performance to measure skill and collection more than they currently do, so we’re making it more about winning the battles you play than about paying cheaply to keep battling endlessly. The following two changes aim to achieve these goals:

  • Adjusted medal gains in Events so that initial games will move you up the ranks more quickly, and once you’re there, medal gains against strong opponents will help you more in comparison to wins against weak opponents.
  • Event Ticket refreshes increase in cost more quickly with each refresh, but return back down to base value every 24 hours.

Your update completely ruined the tournament pools and matchmaking. This doesn’t even make sense anymore

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Maybe give some constructive feedback instead of just saying it’s messed up. That will be a lot more helpful to the devs.

I already have in a different post, thanks for your concern :ok_hand: sorry that it doesn’t make me happy that I was one tournament away from unlocking all three legendary keys and then got destroyed by getting grouped with only level 12 and above when I’m level nine.


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