Live Update 233

Live updates may require you to re-launch your game, but won’t require updating from the App Store.

  • Added Season 1: Time Warp Rank Portraits


  • Event scoring formula has been adjusted so that medal gains once you reach “equilibrium” will slow down. Medal gains at the start of the event will still be similar to what it has in the past: larger so that you reach a steady rank sooner.

I want one of these Time Warp rank portraits - how do I get one?


These new portraits are available now simply by playing PvP and ranking up! I should also mention that the portraits for Diamond and up will animate i.e. the wormhole will swirl like the other animated Seasons portraits. You can see what they look like on the Top 100 leaderboard, as some players already have them equipped.

I’ve been PvPing I ranked up to gold from silver, I didn’t get any portrait

Could you check your list of portraits and screenshot it for us? Is it missing from the menu, or has it just not been equipped yet?

It’s missing from the list. It might be that I leveled up to gold before it went in. I’m not sure.

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