Live Update 216


Live updates may require you to re-launch your game, but won’t require updating from the App Store.

  • Fixed an issue with Roxie’s Generators producing less energy than intended in 2v2 matches.
  • Temporarily disabled the Xenogarden map due to graphical issues.
  • Fixed a bug that would encounter black background screens in the commander select and chest opening screens.

Is it true that Roxie’s Generator no longer charges allies?
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How about the event taking medals when not suppose to


Per our v2.00 release notes, the new event changes will begin in the upcoming events this week. This past weekend’s event was not affected by the update’s new changes.


How fast are Roxie’s Generators supposed to charge now? It seemed to me that Generators increase energy is Even slower than securing the middle ground. Did you make it on purpose?


I have just tested it - it seems to me tha the Generator’s speed is slower than before, but in 2v2 battles they produce way slower than single games. It seriously make Roxie a useless character from the most useful one. Roxie used to be a fantastic character as a resource provider, helping herself and the ally to fast produce the units. Now it is no faster than getting the middle ground, as well as Roxie’s units being no longer cheap, it is so difficult to use her.

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