List of bugs

This was requested in another thread, so I’m starting it. One reply per bug found, please, and don’t reply with non-bug comments in this thread. We’re not triaging, just reporting. If your bug isn’t an obvious interface issue, please include steps taken to encounter or reproduce it where ever possible.

I usually get paid pretty well for doing this and I’d be doing it in TestFlight, so pardon if the write ups aren’t super detailed.

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Defeat screen shows yourself (see screenshot) both in event and ranked matches

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Viewing another alliance’s details shows your own alliance’s roster


Forum screenshot config is slightly smaller than common screenshot file size (2MB), so uploads often fail without image manipulation. 3MB would work better.

Event victory/defeat screen no longer shows number of medals awarded (but still shows win credits +1/+2)

Coin/diamond inventory count shows 0 until award animation completes on victory screen. Related: Coin/season medal count display won’t update during forge chest opening spree or claiming diamonds/coins for many levels.

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Rank up announcements are still presented in alliance chat when stars are earned.

Limit raised 5x; hopefully screenshots can be posted even from iPads without manipulation now.

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Now when you win an arena battle it has me down as ‘no alliance’ whilst I am the leader of the LoA …

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