Lightning Walker Question


So in general units do not retarget unless their current target is destroyed or the are pushed by a Mech Fortress or Hive Worm. The lightning walker however will instantly retarget if itโ€™s attacking a barrier and you drop units next to it it will instantly retarget the closer unit. Is this intentional or is it a bug? If intentional it should be stated somewhere.


As far as I know, Lightning Walker should only change his target if he is โ€œbumped.โ€ Dropping units on top of him and โ€œbumpingโ€ him?

It retargets without the bump. I double checked it in replay. You can check the replay my against Koeieman2007 2019-10-31 6:34:14.


Any follow up on this? Is it a bug?

THIS would explain why lightning walkers annoy me more than they should :exploding_head:

My Lighting Walkers usually have the shakes real bad or itโ€™s some kinda of funky dance move as it moves down the lane.

Lol that would be a no. You donโ€™t get a follow-up apparently

If youโ€™re seeing the Lightning Walker change targets without being bumped, then it is a bug. This is the first time weโ€™ve heard someone bring it up after many millions of games using Lightning Walkers. How often is it coming up? Is anyone else experiencing this problem on a regular basis?

I really could care less about it. Donโ€™t fix it because itโ€™s the funniest thing to watch in the whole game.

As far as I can tell it always happens. I think it was never brought up before because no one realized it wasnโ€™t supposed to happen.

I just had a dragonfly do the same thing it was attacking the barricade and it turned and attacked grunts that I dropped next to it to kill it before the barricade went down.

I think roxie does the same. If she is attacking the barrier and u drop an unit close to her, she targets the unit.

Yeah, I think Roxie has always done that. She retargets constantly as far as I can tell, so that her fire is randomly directed. Itโ€™s good and bad because if there are enough high HP units in the area, sheโ€™s not very effective at clearing them (unless you hit them with bombing run).

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