Lightning walker and big shield


Just want to ask what is a good counter to lightning walker and big shield dude. I am an ascention main and as soon as legion plays the big shield dude it’s an instant loss. Paired with lightning walker which I beleive are the 2 best units in game. The only counter would be external warrior but ascention isn’t getting that out until match is over. Love to hear feedback as there is no good counter to either of those units.


Have you ever tried a Shadowblade against a Lightning Walker? It’s actually really fun.

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Shadowblade is actually a good counter for that pairing because it’ll target the ranged unit first (the lightning Walker), giving you more time too deal with the walking fortress.

If you have one it’s also good to use the storm kestrel there. It’ll cut through the walking fortress pretty quick if you can provide it the cover to do so. Storm kestrels work great if you can put them behind your shield firing out

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