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How about this?
Bring back the multiplayer reward chests in tandem with diamond and coin daily’s. Then make only the chests refreshable with diamonds with increasing cost per refresh, like event tickets (the way it used to be, in the long long ago).They only give 1 card each, would go a long way towards helping progression issues, and provide an incentive for people to play ranked(arena)1v1 or 2v2 outside of coins/diamonds.

The progression rate right now is too slow, and arena/competitive multiplayer is all but dead. Something needs to be done about it and this seems like a really good solution for both. Its also a logical addition to the game. If moon mines give gold to purchase cards from the deals section, and events provide cards through chests, then arena 2v2 or 1v1 should also have its own reward that yields cards.

To be clear; do not change daily diamond or coin rewards for arena. Just add 1 daily chest per win, up to 3 wins for 3 chests total, (like the the old days) and make those chests refreshable with diamonds.

Cmon devs, this seems like a reasonable compromise for both sides.


Again :heart: this post. Fox :fox_face: for president!!
The comradeship, the tactics, the friendship, the players that have left in droves.
Please please
Some cmdrs don’t even work that well in solo arena, why limit the pro’s of each cmdrs ability n tactics.
Please :pensive::pensive:


Agreed… Make Wild Beyond Great Again! The game is clearly dying.


This game WAS the best ever before this discutable update that kills the game …bring back 2vs2 ranking with gold and diamond or this game go straight to the walllllll…if it’s not already to late :wine_glass::cry:


I definitely feel trapped behind everyone else. Progression is super slow…

Great Idea

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@S7campusLifer @S7Dragon @S7Dave any response for this?

I’d also like to add a suggestion to my original post:

@S7campusLifer @S7Dragon @S7Dave Now honestly, I’d much rather just see my original idea added to the game, but another nice addition would be to lift the rarity restrictions on donations. Season unit donation would also be great, but I’d understand if you want those to remain the same.

Obviously, this option doesn’t have the same “defibrillating” potential as my first suggestion, but i think it would be a decent change.

Rare, Epic, and legendary cards have such a increasingly low drop rate that it the ability to donate them would probably go a long way to making your player base feel like you care.

Either way, top priority in my opinion would be daily chests for 2v2 - see my post above.

Out of all of my posts (and assuming you are not going to consider my suggestions), I’d say this one deserves a response and an explanation as to why you wouldn’t consider these very small changes.

Can’t decide whether to attribute the lack of response here from devs to the holidays or just being ignored…

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From the recent way the forums are I would guess ignored

@𝔽𝕠𝕩 They’ve stated in the past that they don’t have designated people or time for interacting their customer base. That out of the goodness of their hearts they take it upon themselves to reply to us and interact with us in their own free time, when they do not have any obligation to do so. One time CampusLife told me she was cooking breakfast at the same time she was replying to me because it was the only free time in her day she had to do so.

90% of my disdain shown above goes towards the people that would make the decisions to assign resources for customer/client interaction during paid work time. In my mind right now Ben Liu = Perfliq Games/Rebel Sky = Strange Sevens/Wild Beyond. He’s the CEO and registered company officer of both companies as well as Pocket Gems/War Dragons. Only people above Mr. Liu would be his two investing companies Tencent and Sequoia Capital.

Edit: Fixed a name

@S7campusLifer @S7Dragon @S7Dave

Any feedback?

Are you suggestibg trump should take over wild beyond?!

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