Lightbringer should NOT be tech 1

This unit needs to be placed in tech 3. It is way too powerful to be tech 1, and itโ€™s armor makes it next to impossible to kill with tech 1 defenses.

The cost makes its play slow and it canโ€™t target fliers, pixies can kill it. It doesnโ€™t belong as tech 3.

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Iโ€™m going to respectfully disagree lol. What faction is your main though?

Pixies can kill it, if kuro blast donโ€™t kill them first or giga heals it back to fullโ€ฆ not to mention it beats out the other t1 units in the rouge faction.

Rogue strongest faction in game cries for another asc downgrade๐Ÿ˜‚ what else warp? Madness? Dynamo?
Keys just fix your Deck and Take Roxy and not your val. Some people seem to just want the easy way.

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Ascension but I donโ€™t have Lightbringer in my deck. Lightbringer is useless as Tier3 the only thing that offsets the 6 cost is the fact that itโ€™s tier 1.

This game is dynamic. Try other cards in your deck. I see the tank as fine since it can be countered easily, needs 6 energy to be played (if one dynamo (4 energy) and still costs 4) and can be countered by air or hard hitting single shooting units. I started using this tactic to play lightbringer and it got countered pretty soon.

Tier 3 is exagerated. However the boost from last update has been exagerated (+25%). If devs want to adjust their cards, it would be recommanded to do minor steps by step, to find balances smoothly overtime, instead of generated ยซ broken ยป units for weeks.

I donโ€™t think it is too strong as of today. The synergy with dynamo is what makes it viable I think.
I am still trying to place 1 or 2 in my deck (without dynamos nor t3), but it doesnโ€™t seem to have that much impact. When swapping cards in my deck, I always end with the same question: would lightbringer have the same or more impact than madness, both costing 6 energy?


Wow :joy: You really donโ€™t have to be rude about it. Have I ever once been rude to you?? Nope. God forbid someone has a different opinion than yours, right? Jesus. My Val deck is just fine thanks. Ascension was my main before the last reset, and as my main I still felt the same way. I can counter most decks no problem. Except for when people spend thousands to max out their decksโ€ฆ


Thank you for the constructive comment instead of attacking me for having a different opinion


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