Lightbringer change

Are there any plans to change it? I dont See anything usefull in that Unit. To much energy costs. Its rarely ever played by anyone.

hi @α΄Œα΄“α΄“. I don’t know specifics around this unit. But generally, the team which balances the game watches their dashboards for units which are correlated with very low win rates or low usage. The goal is that every card is well designed, well balanced and has a proper job which it does well. This team monitors the performance of all cards, but especially when new cards or changes come out. If the lightbringer is underperforming, I would expect them come to a conclusion soon and change something to fix it!

I tend to agree with the original poster, it’s just not a very useful unit right now. Ascension has many other preferable units to use.

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Lightbringer definitely performs a lot better when paired with Dynamo’s energy cost reduction, but at the moment we’re still monitoring its performance and overall usage in battles. Any balance changes aren’t likely to come very soon because it’s still early in the Season, and too early to make any large changes to the Season units.

Agree. Too expansive, no shield, only ground and not powerful. Vanguard is much better and half cost. Tank from legion also better.

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