Leveling up faster need advice

What’s the best way to level up faster? I reach my daily max limit of exp each day along with upgrading all the units I can and now I don’t have units available for upgrades. I need more exp to lift the level cap on my seasons rewards so I can continue to move towards mech pilot.

Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do. I have had similar complaints about the level caps on season rewards. This just stifles the progress of most players since the average player doesn’t have their level maxed. I’ve read on the forums somewhere recently that it might be a bug. But idk how accurate that is. It takes coding to put restrictions and limitations on items. But I agree with you, the level cap on season rewards needs to be erased. If your earning the tokens, you should be able to spend them

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Here’s the link to the developer claiming it’s a bug. Maybe tag him and ask? Idk. But it’s definitely an issue for the average player base.

If the season is capping you on level (eg level 46) and you’re actually below that level (eg level 44) then the feature is working as intended for you.

The bug in the linked thread was for a player who was level 70 but is told they can’t purchase a seasonal item because it wants them to be level 46.

I’m level 36 and the level cap is stopping me from moving further and Bc of this lower level players like me can not get the legendary season rewards. All your staff members are telling us to get the legendary season rewards DURING the event but How are we supposed to do that if the level cap is stopping us. NOT ONLY is the level cap stopping us but the EXPERIENCE CAP is ALSO stopping us from gaining levels, so HOW am I supposed to level up and obtain the season rewards if the EXP cap is stopping me from leveling up?

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I created that thread and am aware of what was said but now they’re saying that it’s supposed to be a level cap

That system puts new players at a significant disadvantage. I’ve been playing all day every day for two months and I’m barely level 58. I have lots of units locked that I cannot purchase despite the fact that I am top 3 in events almost every time. I have tons of season tokens but I am unable to purchase what I earned. But forget about me for a second because the real problem lies with new players and beginner level players. This is your average player base. People gold level or under. With that in mind, your level cap discourages those players to perform well in events or to purchase season token chests because they will be unable to reap the benefits due to the level cap. I believe that if a player is able to earn enough season tokens to make it to the level that is capped for them, they deserve to be able to purchase it. They had to grind to get to that point. It’s not easy, some of these locked units are 10k tokens or more. If a low level player can achieve that many tokens being as inexperienced and new as they are… they most certainly should be rewarded for that effort


If you really want to level up fast, probably the fastest way is to pay to upgrade a bunch of cards because it generates a ton of XP

I am upgrading as many cards as possible but even that is still inefficient as it takes 3 hours per 1 upgrade and level 8-9 cards only give 120-140 exp per one upgrade. It’s also very in efficient when upgrades start to cost 5600 coins per an upgrade and u only earn 100-600 coins depending on the chest.

Oh, I had assumed you had an Elite account.

The Elite account is the most efficient thing you can possibly purchase in Wild Beyond. If you really want to level up faster, it should literally double the speed at which you can do that. It gives you double rewards from each battle (which doubles the cards and XP you earn per battle). It also removes all timers on upgrades.

Elite causes me to run through coins at a faster rate and even with the double chests I still don’t earn enough coins back to continue to go through with upgrades. Even if I had elite and doubled the amount of exp earned after a match the daily exp cap stops me from earning exp for that day making elite useless for the rest of the day if not only for coins but still wouldn’t give me enough coins to purchase upgrades that cost 6400 coins+ per 1 upgrade.

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You say that like it’s easy to do in the current economy of coins?


I do pay. I pay for the elite service and I have spent at least 200$ in the last 60 days since I started and I’m still unable to unlock levels fast enough to stay competitive with my peers. If your solution is “just spend more money” then you have failed your player base and should work on that big chip on your shoulder. I shouldn’t be the one to remind you that your salary comes from players like me… and I choose to pay your salary because you provide me with a game that is worth while. The moment you fail to provide a worthwhile game to your base, is the day you cease to earn that paycheck


He is saying pay real money to level up faster. No way is spending the 10k coins a day I earn gonna get me to another level. I go up about 1 level every 4 days if I’m lucky and I put a lot of hours into this game daily. Just today I already put in almost 4 hours and I was at work from 12-830

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