Level Boosting in Arena

I’ll like to address the boosting issue. I was under the impression that boosting no longer occurs in arenas, as one of the goals of arena was to put your opponents’ level in your hands. For a couple of weeks everyone was musing about facing ridiculously low-level opponents in Champion Forge. After the last update, I’m facing all high levels.

What is very curious is that I’m seeing so many level 17 commanders and troops all of a sudden from players I’ve not faced before. After some research I’ve confirmed that boosting still occurs in Arenas. Please correct me if I’m wrong, that these players indeed have spent the serious coin to upgrade their units in a matter of days.

I’m afraid I fail to see why any boosting should be done at all in Arenas. I read the explanation before the big change, and my understanding is that it removes match-making, and by extension, boosting. Rewards are higher in higher level arenas. If I know I’m going to be boosted in Champion Arena, whether or not it’s visible to me, what’s the point of levelling up my cards and staying in lower level arenas? I’ll have a high chance of winning anyway.

I know it’s been explained that this is to increase win-rate. But you were supposed to figure out to play lower level arenas yourself. Boosting makes Arenas redundant, which is the source of much of the resentment from longtime players. It completely goes against your own rationale of Arenas.


It just hit me. Have I understood Arenas wrongly? There’s only one matchmaking pool and you play the same people regardless of what Arena you chose? Then the player levels are equalised?

You understood incorrectly. Arenas are just barriers to try to urge people to spend on 3 decks. Nothing more. 95% of the opponents you’ll see in champ arena are people playing in much lower arenas boosted with different names.

Regarding why is boosting done. The high level playerbase is small and shrinking as s7 pisses people off and they quit the game. If you’d like to wait an hour to find one match I guess they could turn boosting off :man_shrugging: The alternative would be to fight people with lvl 7cards with your lvl 17 cards.

There’s an explanation for how/why we do this in a prior thread. Please continue the conversation there