Level 75, what is the point of experience? + a dust fix/help suggestion

Sitting here at level 75, watching tens of thousands of experience go to waste.

Every other game like this I’ve played has had the foresight to have some sort of prestige, star card or at least a Exp->Currency conversion system.

How about converting maxed level exp gains to dust?

Some focus on QoL changes to remove these “feel bad experiences”(e.g. Dust,Card acquisition, quest pass, mine grind, store offerings, campaign grind) would be hugely appreciated by the community.


That’s a great idea.


That would be cool. I still think a lot could be done to help dust, card gain, upgrade, and player activity problems by simply re-adding the old daily chest rewards for 3 multiplayer wins.

Chests with a single card won’t fix it. We would also be helped if dust were not faction specific.

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