Level 1 featured unit makes you lose

This is the most difficult event for me. All because I don’t have a hellion card and it is a featured unit for the aerial assault event. The level 1 hellion is completely useless. It cannot push for the middle space because it is too weak; the factory of Val can easily defeat it with swarm of bots.The fire bomb it gives you can’t barely make a scratch at the opponent’s unit. It just gives you two wasted spaces in your hand. Honestly, I can’t think of the best combination for this event because I lose the middle lane most of the time which supposedly give me the upper hand because I have stronger higher tier troops. So sad.

Featured units working as intended :man_shrugging:

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You just needed to spend 6250 tokens to get an Helion lvl10 correspondind to 5 days of alliance quest rewards. It does not look like something impossible to get.

Edit: sorry Chuck, thanks for the note. Forgot that epic starts lvl7, is that correct that time? Maybe just precise rather than adding non adding value adjectives :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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Since when was hellion a legendary card? Only legendary cards start at ten. Don’t be dumb.

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Unlike ranger, hellion is very useless at level 1. At least for ranger you might get strong card. But for hellion, you cannot even get the middle lane because its too weak to push the lane. And the bombs cannot kill even swarm of troops like grunts or drone swarm