Let’s talk about PvP

So I want to start a discussion about the medals won and lost in PvP…

Play a group and win no more than 5 medals, lose a single, fight and lose 25. This numbers don’t work. Especially when you end up, fighting the same people again and again, whoever is on the bad end of that loses a ton no matter what.

The win loss values should be much closer to each other, not five fold higher for a loss.

We’re planning a major revamp to normal “ranked pvp” mode — the matchmaking and the entire system. It’s going to take us a while to build — I know a lot of people feel strongly about this and I sincerely hope they stick around long enough to see it.


Is there any way to at least outline some of the design so that it isn’t released and a bunch of people freak out?

The plan is not solidified yet, but generally the plan is to base it on card levels instead of ELO.

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Have you noticed how many people have recently decided not to stick around which makes the game worse for those of us still here. Do you guys realize how much you have destroyed your game. Do you realize months to fix this is not acceptable and your record is that you say we are making a great change and everyone hates it… I.E. mines, gold changes, the pay to win event system, etc.

Hi. We obviously do not like losing any players. That said: Believe it or not, our numbers show an uptick in app usage since the most recent app the release (the one introducing Gold Mines.) We take it very seriously when people quit playing the game and track it fanatically. We do this via tracking actual app usage patterns (as opposed to announcements on this forum — which is a very noisy indicator at best. Most player who quit the game do it quietly by playing less and less each day until they just stop.) We definitely care deeply every time we lose a community member and think hard about what we can do to make sure people enjoy and stick with the game — but based on what we’re seeing so far in the last week, app usage is up across the board. Some players who had disappeared in the last few month have actually come back and are playing actively again since the update was released.

I think the gold mines are a good example of a feature that’s not good for all segments. Newer players probably find a good amount of benefit from it. But the mechanics and currency are not flexible enough. We shouldn’t discourage its value but it definitely doesn’t address some of the other issues.

I am enjoying a lot of the new features, however one thing in particular is the boss battle change, I can solo pretty much up to lvl 8 on any of the boss battles but I’m required to play with alliance members, however I work a pretty hectic schedule so I’m rarely on when majority of them are on.
Another thing I don’t care for much but it’s somthing I guess I gotta either live with or play the same way, the number of people who are paying to win events, and then you whether it be buying tickets or just the packs in general it makes for a pretty hard time to even climb into the top 10

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