Let’s start discussing the new ranking system

S7campusLifer posted some details about the upcoming changes and I appreciate that. I think giving some feedback or asking for clarification might be helpful.

  • We are planning to switch from an “ELO based” ranking matchmaker system to a matchmaker based on the level of your cards.

This sounds good

  • Part of this change will involve changing the current “ranks” (e.g., Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond) to something more based on card levels (e.g., the arena which only allows cards up to a maximum of level 14.)

I worry this type of system may be too limiting or may lead to holding off on upgrading to sit at the top on a lower arena. When 1 card gets to 15 do they move up? Is it the deck or the total faction units that make this work. Where does a player with all level 10 cards and 1 level 17 end up? Why aren’t you simply using deck power level as the sorting factor and avoiding the whole multiple arenas thing.

  • Existing players will be automatically transitioned from the old system to the new system at the time this feature is released.

Seems ok

  • If you want to transition to a high rank at transition time, it will be based on the card levels in your top deck per faction. If you want to optimize your placement prior to this transition, you should optimize your time towards getting 3x good decks. Note that the “factional rank” (e.g., Bronze) will NOT be part of the calculation because it won’t make sense in the new system. We don’t want players to get mapped to an arena which is too hard for them – it will be based on card levels.

This is a bit confusing and with the economy being terrible now improving 3 decks is very difficult.

  • Of course, once the new system is in place, everyone can also just play and climb the ranks in the new system.

Does this mean someone in a lower arena can move up the same way as someone in a higher arena? Does ranking up move them to a higher arena?

  • We expect it to take at least 1-2 months for this updated system released, but we are releasing this announcement ahead of time so players have time to start building towards an optimal transition.

I appreciate the estimated time. I’m glad we have some time to comment and ask questions.

I’m still not sure this system addresses the issues or not. I’m a bit worried the players will still get locked into playing with the same people again and again.


Deck power level makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Deck power level makes much more sense than card levels.

Why create another obnoxious system - just use our deck powers to determine matchups.

Why is this such a difficult notion for the developers to get!??


Shouldn’t we wait that it comes out before discussing it?

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No because if we can point out potential problems before it comes out we can potentially avoid them.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


First time I agree with Lyth. :joy:


Really? This is the first time?

So our hard earned ranks, especially diamond, challenger, etc. will be a thing of the past? I agree with balancing the matchmaking, but giving up rank is going to suck…

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I would agree it should be based on deck power.

With them implying that you need to max 3 decks to rank the new ranking system will likely push me out of the game. I have zero interest in maxing several decks, they already try to force players to max all factions with events and featured units. Forcing maxing three factions for ranked play? Bye.


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