Let’s have an honest discussion about the Typhoon

While I really like this unit, it needs to be tweaked. This is a game of attack and counter-attack. If your enemy sends something ferocious, you tie it up by letting something durable tank it while you drop more fragile units to burn it down. Because the Typhoon can attack multiple opponents (air and land) simultaneously in a 360 degree arc, it can’t be tanked or distracted. If the Typhoon has any kind of blocker, it destroys everything, the second the new unit is dropped, sometimes without even getting a shot off. If you can push in on a base and force the enemy to drop units within it’s range, the game is over.

Pretty sure it spreads it’s shots out, has a reload time and medium range. Those all have counters, don’t they?


Val bots and Ant Queen drones can really slow down a Typhoon’s progress across the map. That long reload time leaves it vulnerable to attack, particularly by something that can’t be taken out by one or two of its missiles (tank, cartillery, seraph, etc).

It’s pretty devastating, but if it’s OP, it’s only by a little bit.

I feel like it’s sorta like the rogue version of the Legion Lightning Walker — just shoot it with long range artillery (eg Cartillery.)

Like the Walker, if also is susceptible to the shadow from Ascension.

I’m aware of how to counter it. My point is that because it can target multiple threats in a 360 degree fire arc, once you are within its threat range, it’s way too late. Once I have it parked inside your shield wall, you can’t drop units faster that it can kill them. It has similarities to the Lightning Walker, but a Lighting Walker can be tanked. It attacks one unit at a time. It also has similarities to a Reaper, which has no ant-air, will not re-track it’s fire arcs once it’s already engaged, and has been damage nerfed to a tickle to compensate for it’s aoe threat. While I agree it isn’t massively OP, it is situationally OP and it’s targeting should be adjusted to align with every other unit in the game.

All units can go in 360 degrees

If it only hit some one target…it’s just going to die.

No unit can attack in a 360 degree arc while it is aggro’d on another unit. Reapers don’t shoot 360, they have a forward firing arc. If you drop a unit behind a Reaper that is already engaged in firing on another unit, you are effectively in its blind spot until its current target is down. Then it will retarget. The Typhoon has no blind spot.

True. It has pros and cons, but isn’t that most units? I guess I’m failing to see the specific issue for it?

It can be situationally strong. But it has drawbacks too. It is also tier 3 and 5 energy


You need carefully timed drops. You can beat it easily. You just need to know what best suits your defense or offense.

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