Let me purchase this game

Since S7 are quite obviously letting what was a once-brilliant social game go to complete wreck and ruin, why not sell it off cheap (surely no-one’s idiotic enough to spend money on it anymore).

Sell it complete with the restore points so we can take it back to pre- 2.5 and actually breathe some life into again.

Honestly, I’ve never…and I mean NEVER seen a game dev get it so wrong in the entire history of app-based gaming. Such a damned WASTE! :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:t3:


This a ix was a brilliant game but the dev screwed it all the way up selling the quest pass for 24.99 every other game I played it’s 4.99 where did they come out with that 25 dollar price tag and the packs is the worse never seen such bad pack value in my life clash royal give deals great deals this one same crap :poop: and where is the ranking system at oh it’s not one but the game is telling me I’m to far a head to play with my guild mates smh :man_facepalming:t4:.

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Absolutely correct.

Contact tencent games or pocket gems they both own it

Maybe they were affected by the Corona Virus

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Lmao :joy: they was effected by the poor developers virus :microbe: that’s it and all

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