Legion Enlist Spell Help Request

Can anyone tell me how I would get the “Enlist!” spell for Legion?

The “Enlist!” spell (or tactic) was only obtainable through the 1st season of Wild Beyond with lots of grinding involved in events [unless you’re a ‘Pay 2 Win’ player].

After the season ended, it’ll take a few months at the very least for them to be obtainable the same way where you get them from certain types of chests. On a side note, this goes the same for season 1 units such as “Reaper”, “Dragonfly”, “Warp”, and such.

Back to this topic, this legendary spell (or any other season 1 unit) can NOT be obtainable through the leveling system. I am not sure if it’s obtainable through the “DEALS” in the “SHOP” section in the main menu.


Wow, that sounds pretty terrible and unfair, especially for new players like me that came in at the end of Season 1.

Thanks for your insight, it was really helpful.

I don’t think I’ll be playing this game for much longer being as how it’s just an unfair system to those who don’t pay or come in late to the game.


Season 1: Time Warp cards will be available to obtain in the game later on, but there are no set-in-stone dates for these yet. Currently, there is a value pack that contains the Enlist! card. However, this is just a start.

As one of the players that never dumped money into this game since launch, I highly recommend you to either:

  1. Play casually, rather than grinding as this game is slightly different from games like Clash Royale that shares a format of two roads leading to the opponent’s base.


  1. Take a hiatus from this game and check back on the state of this game a few months later or so. This is due to the fact how this game is predatory to spenders and non spenders alike through psychological means (similar to gambling). Especially, the fact that bugs from launch (October 2018) have not been touched to this day. I would go for this course of action, however it is your choice to make. Not mine.

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