Legendary Teir Event Reward Tree

I haven’t really seen this discussed on here so maybe I’m the only one but does anyone else feel like the legendary tier rewards and units are overpriced and kinda meh? I have them all up to level twelve but now I fail to see the point of investing anything into that teir because it’s sooooo expensive compared to even the epic teir. I’d much rather grind to complete a level 17 troop cloner and level 17 mortar cannon (I forget the actual names), and warp is good at level ten so I’m saving that for last.
Even the blue teir units are incredible, and I’ve gotten all three to level 15 working on 16 and trying to level up again to 25 to max those out before season end but I’m most likely going to ignore all three middle tiers beyond the point I had to invest into them to acquire the three keys.