Legendary (not) only with real money = (still) a broken game


Since this topic got pretty popular I though to give it an update here - it has been confirmed my original issue is luckily not true and we can get legends without spending any money, but we all know the P2W aspect still stands as it was, mostly due to the incredibly bad matchmaking system.

Hi all, as many have already noticed this (potentially great) game has one massive flaw - it’s P2W business plan.

Most games like this one have loads of micro transactions, but here it’s just ridiculous. The fact that you can’t get legendary units without paying money is simply a bad way to do business and not fair for the players, so - Dear Devs - it you won’t change it, the game will be dying soon.
See and learn from games like clash royals - people are paying crazy money there too, but if you spend enough time you can get all the best units without spending a single penny.


Diamonds can be earned in game, and right now in Store, Deals - a nuke truck is for sale for diamonds. Nuke truck is legendary, and would be a new card for me.


Also in Store, Chests - one has a 1/6 chance of a legendary card, the next has 100% chance of a legendary - both are for sale for diamonds which are earned in game.


Really mate? 4000 gems is something you’d have to be gathering for months, this is not a realistic goal.
Even if it was easier to get gems, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re not able to get those units from regular rewards - just the chests from the store. So by default this is a bad, cash grabbing system.

If you don’t see it as a problem - you’re either only just starting or you’ve never played a fair game before.


You can get Legendaries in your multiplayer chests if you’ve unlocked them through your Expand your Army quests. My quest now will unlock K9 which is a leg card for Legion


Right…and did you actually find any of these cards in yours chests? Just because I’ve unlocked them doesn’t mean I can find them, so far the only legendaries I’ve seen have been from the shop.


Well, They’re called Legendary meaning they’re hard to find.


I just completed an “expand your army” quest. It took me about a day, real time.

Reward was to pick one card of three offered. “Sky Sharks” was offered and I took it.

Legendary. Free. It was an “available” card for me, but it was “New” to me.

I’m new here too, and was very interested in your question- because I’d probably quit if I had to pay $$ for legendary. Been playing this game a week, already have 2 legendary, didn’t pay for either.

I’m hoping there are other ways - like if you can ever get a massive or colossal chest through gameplay. Maybe in Gauntlet? Maybe in multiplayer? Don’t know. Will keep posting what I find.


Nice for the info @Aarradin! The game is new, most probably they’ll put other ways to get higher tier chests. Epecially when new units come out.


Thanks for the feedback guys. I feel like either way this game right now is way too much into P2W but we’ll see.
Would be nice to see some official information from the devs.


Yeaaa. But they’re prioritizing matchmaking first. Which is I think is good


Got a Legendary just now from an Epic Chest I earned as a Muliplayer reward. I’m Gold.

Dreadnought, New card for me, was Available.

Usually get Rare chests for the third win reward, this was the first time I got Epic there.

Gives me hope for this game: play lots of Muliplayer, which is what the game’s really focused on, and you can get all the cards.

Still wondering if Gauntlet can get you Legendary or not. Only tried it a few times so far, and not very good win/loss.


I’ve got screenshots, but can’t figure out how to get them to post here, LOL


What information are you looking for? We can try to put something together for you.


Thanks for the reply @WildBeyondTeam, I’m interested in knowing how exactly does the legendary system work - meaning which chests can we get them from and what is the chance (looks like there is a small one on epics) and are there plans to maybe implement better rewards in multiplayer as well so people don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to go higher than gold.

I’m glad I was wrong about the legendaries not being obtainable from a regular play, but the P2W aspect still stands, especially with the horrific matchmaking system (I just played a Gold VI lvl 23, while being lvl 14 Gold II - lost 19 points for an impossible battle).


The issue is some legendsrirs are OP. And it seems getting the, via chests is the only way to go. Are dreads or rail dogs or soul thief’s available from the pick ones?


The issue is that the elo system is broken. You gain 1-4 trophies for win but lose 30-40 per loss. And it seems to be completely random. As far as legendaries only being available to people that pay, that’s just not true at all and not sure what OP is on about. I can think of three different things ways you can get legendaries without paying off the top of my head. Gauntlet, multiplayer chests, and deal shop. OP, yi agree that the game needs a lot of work- but as far as the point your trying to make here, your completely wrong.


I suggest you read through the whole post :slight_smile:


So far, from what I’ve seen, you can get Legendary by:

  1. Multiplayer Rewards chests, Epic Chests (see them in 3rd slot sometimes once Gold). I assume Diamond lvl sees them more, and hope there are higher lvl chests too.
  2. Quests - The “Recruiting Expedition” type. I was mistaken in an above post: the expand your army quests just unlock cards. The Legendary I won came from recruiting expedition - the quest that lets you pick one of three rewards offered.
  3. Store, Daily Deals - saw a Legendary here for Diamonds (was in the first box 35% off, still 3150 Diamonds), and today bought one for Alliance tokens (was in the last box, cost 24,000 of them - which isn’t hard to accumulate. Took just a week for me).
  4. Gauntlet rewards - I’ve heard players say this, haven’t seen it myself.


Thanks for this @Aarradin