Leaving this game - lost interest and hope

Hi Devs,

I lost interest and hope that the game is going to get any better. Thank you for an amazing game when things started.

But the longer I was sticking around, the more I saw the game deteriorate. This is a painful grind, and honestly, I have my doubts on whether you are actually growing the player base rather than using bots/buffing low level players (I feel the players community is getting smaller at every event).

Do you know what it looks like to me? … like a battle between in-breeders. Always the same players.

I don’t want to say more negative things. I am leaving. Please consider fixing the game and listen to your players’ feedback before more of your early financial backers (who pay money) leave the game.

Good luck


The Devs need to listen if it’s not to late already. With every update you are losing players. Lots more players right on the edge of quitting because the game sucks so bad.


Tubby we are gonna miss you


I will go behind you tubby, give them a dead line until middle of season4 if nothing better i’ll quit too :flushed: so sick of progress in this game


I don’t know how much longer I have, this event I barely played didn’t even try to do well. Despite that I still was in 7th place which tells you not a lot of people are playing. If not for my guild I would have left long ago and the guy I had been playing with and moving guild to guild with almost since I started playing quit a few weeks ago, game isn’t the same without him around.


It’s very sad times since these last few updates with many friends and good opponents quitting this game.


Maybe the devs don’t care if they left because they will make a new players Base :flushed::thinking:

I am sure you are absolutely right but I think player progression is so slow and boring I cannot see allot of new players sticking it out long term.


Yeah. I followed the math with the economy change and understand it shouldn’t feel much slower now to advance my deck, but omg it really does feel slower. I don’t know why.

And it does seem like far fewer folks at playing events. I barely refresh and still end up placing well enough, I’m matched against the same folks over and over, queue times seem longer, etc.

It’s too bad :frowning:


Like i said i’ll be the one that leave the game next and i don’t care about the money i supported them. They wanted it to be in this way( never really listen what’s the players want) so i will give them what they need it to be :slight_smile::-1:

Yep the grind of the game is getting old and boring.

One of the main things that makes it almost exponentially slower is dust and chests. Chests have tons of different cards in the past which provide a little bit of progress for upgrades. Now they only give 1 card each. Combine that with dust and that’s why it’s insanely slow. Dust is obtained mainly by scrapping cards that are now coming in at a much slower rate. It makes progression seem just short of impossible bc the chances that you’ll get a card that you want to level AND get enough cards for that faction to scrap that arent the card you want to level are very low. Plus, they nEver changed the level up requirements for commanders, so you are forced to level a card like eternal warrior ( or wtvr it’s called), which is also a legendary that will almost never drop (and if you are good at the game, probably never use) before you can get your commander to 50. Sure, you can purchase it from the deals section if you have gold, but as a low level player how could one do that?

If you want gold for the deals section, you need to complete moon mines so gold comes in an a tolerable rate. However you can’t complete moon mines without leveled cards, and you can’t level cards without scrapping them for dust, and you can’t scrap cards unless you get them from chests, and you can’t get chests unless you comeplete daily’s/events, and you can’t make any meaningful contribution to daily’s or events unless you have leveled cards, and you can’t level cards unless you have coin as well, and you can’t get coin at a decent rate without completing the campaign, and you can’t complete the campaign with out leveled cards, and you can’t level cards without…


I don’t even want to quit. But if they release season 5 aka warpwarpwaaarp double deuxdoo without adding some incentive to play… it’s getting harder and harder everyday to log in and do anything exciting in this game… currently global is the only thing they’ve successfully accomplished. S7 should make chat rooms not run apps.

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