Latest update - Coin boost?

I love that you are dedicated to updating the game and improving player experience.

It’s a bit early for me to give feedback on all updates, but the coin boost is something I want to address, especially since the coin problem has been a pain from the start.

I like the idea of boosting rewards 100% and personally think you should have just done that without the whole buy into it thing, and even increase it more the higher a player is ranked… currently ranks have little to no effect on coin earnings. That aside one BIG question.

Are you also going to increase or add ways for us to earn season tokens??

Because using one rare resource to boost another rare resource, is not a solution for 99% of your players. And we need those 99% for the 1% to beat up on in order for the game to survive.

Appreciate any insights.


This new update is terrible all the way around. Just decreased everyone event winnings by fifths

Honestly all I saw with this new update is new ways to get us to spend money. I agree with what you’re saying about using one rare item to get another. Oh, to be rich.

Yeah most of the things added are a paid resource. The concept of catering to the top 1% and neglecting the other 99% of their players is why these games fail. You need just as many ftp players as you need ocasional spenders and bank rollers

They don’t get that and it makes me wanna pull my hair out lol I’m a paying customer too and I can easily afford it but that doesn’t mean it can’t be offensive to those of us willing to pay if we feel like what they are asking for isn’t respectful.

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There is definitely a balance needed. The problem a lot of devs run into is that they need to pay their employees to continue to grow, which means they need revenue coming in. This pushes them towards more things players can buy, but its a bit counter intuitive because that stifles the game of ftp players which lowers the active player numbers and kill the game. The people willing to spend consistently have a very short player life because they get bored and move on.

You need the things that keep players pushing forward, the events, the alliance features, the ways you can consistently earn and grow as a player, regardless of how much you are spending.

Like right now the season tokens are the premiere currency in the game, but is there even a way to earn them as a free to play player? Cause these players aren’t winning events, and they aren’t getting much from multilayer chest? So what do they do other than become frustrated and leave the game?

I don’t mind supporting the devs by spending here and there, but I’m not investing into a game that I don’t see a long life for. I’ve wasted too much money on games like that before.

I am pretty sure the event ranked rewards went down for me when the new update started. Kind of disappointing.

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