Lack of anti air support using faction units



The balance between all different leagues is near perfection. BUT, the lack of genuine air support for the faction units practically calls for immediate loss. Without even having to construct new characters. A simple adjustment of allowing a more powerful unit like cartillery or pain cloud to also attack air units would help even the odds drastically.


We don’t think we’re quite near perfection, not by a Longshot :nash_cool:

While it’s technically simple to make a unit start attacking both air and ground, we also need to take a look at Tech levels and whether or not that unit visually conveys that it should be able to hit things in the air. However, we are very much aware that air units have a tactical advantage that not all the factions share (Rogue in particular), and it’s something we’re working on addressing with future design tweaks and new units.


Wonderful, thank you so much for the reply! I’m glad to hear, because this game is truly amazing!!


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