Keeping you guys updated with emails I’ve received on multiple subjects. Please read, enjoy, and leave feedback

This is original message email : “First off; thank you to the devs for making a great game. One that I play daily and look forward to playing. I know that you guys are a small team of developers and may be overwhelmed at times by the volume of requests on the forums, but hang in there and try to look past the negative feedback And continue to work on this game that many of us enjoy.

First topic, overall guild experience and chat systems. I would like to see a guild message board so when I login I can see the leader and officers messages that they would like to relay to their other guild mates. This would help us a lot in terms of Being able to communicate to each other our goals for the day and goals for the week and request from each other. This could be a simple thing that would add a lot of utility to the guild experience. I would also like to see a gifting or donation system that would allow me To help my guild mates. Things like gifting diamonds, coins, gold, extra cards at a quicker rate because I have literally thousands and thousands of extra cards that I do not need and would like to do something with them.

Second topic, boss blitz. There are often times where I need to complete a quest that requires me to fight 2 to 3 bosses and there are not enough players online to complete this. I think that either the option of removing this requirement from quest or making boss blitz A soloable Option would be helpful.

Third topic, chest rewards as well as quest rewards. For the players like me who have reached the end game rather quickly because I spent a lot of money, I would like to see an option to only receive Coins rather than gold because I have no use for any more cards As well as gold because the only thing I can do with those is buy more cards which I have no use for. I know that coins is a Controversial and delicate discussion, but this would really help me enjoy the money that I have spent and encourage me to continue to buy diamonds or deals so that when I refresh my boxes to complete quests, I can feel that my moneys worth has been spent well and I would be more likely to spend money to do so.

Fourth topic, for the new players. I think that, as any businessman or anyone who has attended business school such as myself, customer retention and finding new customers and keeping those customers is very important to the business. I think that enticing new players with Rewards such as giving them a free level 15 unit of your choice or their choice this would encourage more spending by these new people and also make them feel they have at least something to work with. In fact, maybe it could be up to three level 15 units. I’m not entirely sure on how many you would want to get out but I think that it would be a smart move to show new players what they could have if they continue to invest in the game with either money or time because we know that we need a larger player base so we can stop using bots as replacement for those players that we do not have. Also giving out a daily reward other than a basic box Would help players on all levels something to look forward to when they log in. As someone who is reach late game like myself opening a basic box every six hours is very disappointing and not even worth pressing the button. I know that there can be something done very easily to solve a problem like this.

Anyways thank you for reading I have more ideas but I think this is enough for now and I would like to hear from other Players and share ideas amongst the community and I hope that the devs would join in this conversation and I hope that this conversation can be friendly between players and the company and be constructive and not negative. I know that a lot of people have been upset lately including myself but I think it’s time that we work with the company and not against the company. Because I know when someone is threatening me or coming at me with hostility I don’t want to do anything for those people. So, let’s keep this friendly and enjoyed the discussion. Thanks for reading

Also, very important question. When do you anticipate an update to your players with what you have planned for the near future ? I think the community is feeling a little edgy because we have no idea what’s going on with the game and what new features might be added. Definitely need to hire someone, if you can, that interacts with the players in the forums including myself. I’ve written very professional and well thought out posts and it can feel as if you guys don’t read them which then discouraged me (and others too I’m sure) from sharing feedback in a respectful and productive way.”

Here is response: “ Thanks for your kind words of encouragement! It’s difficult to convey some of the trials that game development involves, but I am glad you’re cheering us on in our work to make a game that players love.

  • We’ve a long list of Alliance improvements in our backlog. A bulletin board is one of those ideas.
  • We’re open to donating cards in the game, but gifting of certain currencies is not something we plan to do, as it can potentially lead to certain exploitive situations in the game that are difficult to police. We have other plans in the works to address extra card copies.
  • We’ve been receiving some feedback about wanting to be able to solo Boss Blitz once again, but do not currently have plans to roll back this change. We’d like to encourage you to band together with other players in stronger Alliances if this is a bit too challenging at the moment, but will continue to monitor the feedback on this game mode to consider future changes and adjustments.
  • Coin economy is something that is tightly tuned with respect to the rate in which we can produce game content. Too many coins would outpace our content pipeline, which is unsustainable for our game team. While receiving a lot of free items or units feels good on the player-end, it will hurt the development of the game and available resources in the long run.

Thanks again for your feedback! It helps shape our decisions when deciding on the direction of the game. We’ll provide more details about the game’s outlook once that information is available.”

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Please remember, even though we are angry and frustrated (with absolute reason to be so), we must treat the employees of Wild Betond with respect. You’re much more likely to get the answers you are asking for if you treat these people like… people. We get no where throwing fits and tantrums. The Devs don’t want to respond to posts such as those because they’re being treated with hostility. There’s also other reasons they may not get back to us right away: they are a small development team and do not have the resources to pump out content and test ideas like larger companies like Blizzard. They have lives outside of work, so they may have obligations to things in life. They may all be hungover from the weekend. Who knows why? It doesn’t really matter why. The important thing is to compose well written and thought out posts that are constructive and conducive to help this game progress into the game we all want it to be, which is a kickass, developed, interesting and engaging game that speaks to all levels of players rather it be all players from all skill levels as well as all players who choose to spend money as well as those who do not wish to. (Either is completely fine) we need to rally together as a gaming community and brotherhood /sisterhood and being the positivity to keep this game going and alive and welcoming to new players as well as hopefully bringing back veterans who were finally fed up.


Re: BossBlitz.

This change is actually something I’m personally responsible for.

This change was one step along a path towards a larger revamp of the feature. The next question is “why are high level players being asked to fight the same Kyrie fight for the 100th time every other week… that’s kinda boring and annoying.” We hope to address that soon.

Taking a step back, Boss Blitz feature wasn’t actually designed for the audience of veteran players who write on this forum — if you’re reading this chances are the feature wasn’t actually designed for your use case :stuck_out_tongue:. The overarching goal of our Boss Blitz feature when we first created it was to provide newer players (eg only have played less than 21 days) to have a good reason to play with their teammates, talk and become friends with their teammates and create bonds as a team. And also to provide a reason for players to join a more active Alliance if their teammates aren’t helping. Boss Blitz is a good way to do this because since it’s against a boss, we don’t need to have a long wait time finding opponents, and we can allow a challenger player to help out a bronze newbie — things we can’t do with 2v2. The overarching goal of Boss Blitz is to ensure a large portion of new players become social and grow the Wild Beyond community.

Boss Blitz wasn’t succeeding enough at the goals in the prior paragraph. New players were basically playing it solo a huge portion of the time and failing to play any games with their allies. Barely any new players were ever talking to the rest of their team. Further, if newbies found themselves in an Alliance where no one was helping them, basically none of these newbies were taking the leap of leaving their alliance and looking for a better one.

If you read that, the solution to the problem is straight forward: If the goal of the feature is to incentivize players to be social, then make the feature require that you can’t do it by yourself.

We made this change with our eyes open that this would make it less easy to complete a boss blitz battle — that’s fine if the only reason we have the feature in the game in the first place is to incentivize players to be social. As expected, the absolute number of players doing boss blitz went down, but what went up was the number of players playing boss blitz together, leaving inactive teams, and an increased amount of chat activity by new players.

I definitely understand why the change would be annoying for a higher level player who has already defeated Kyrie & Alicia a million times and is just trying to grind it out for their quest this week. Our planned fix for that is to basically stop asking these veteran people to beat the same ol boring boss for the 100th time every week. We will continue to monitor the performance of this feature, but as of right now I’m pretty happy that the feature is finally starting to fulfill its goal of incentivizing a higher percentage of new players to get involved in the social system and become more involved members of the Wild Beyond community. I believe that makes it worth the trade off.

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Thanks for that explanation of the rationale. Although the repetition of BB had me not really doing it much before the change, the quest requirements make it sort of annoying. If I may, there are probably some secondary tweaks that need some review for this to be less frustrating for everyone.

For one, we should ask ourselves how long a player (new or old) is willing to sit in alliance chat with a BB request presented, doing nothing else in the game (or on their phone). I don’t think it’s very long, not happily anyway. Now, what’s the likelihood someone else is available in a 60-person-max alliance, spread across potentially many timezones, during exactly that window?

I’ve seen players melt down in chat and quit the alliance in less than the amount of time it took me to join another guildie for a 2v2 match and get back to chat to help them with BB. That’s, like, 5 minutes, but 5 minutes is a long time when you have no idea how long it’ll be before someone arrives…

Maybe the BB doesn’t need a revamp, but rather your quest system. I think that’s a good place to start to solve some of the problems we are experiencing. For example, I have all lvl 15 + units, and when I get one of those “spend X amount of coins” quests, I sigh, say f*%k me, and get very annoyed that I now can no longer quest all day long. So. I think that in part could be a solution. Because I have had the coin quests three times in a row once. So l had to figure other ways of completing this (like buying a card from the shop even though I have thousands of copies of all cards) but, you still had to wait half a day for the shop to refresh to buy another which often isn’t even enough anyways in the first place!

I just had a brilliant idea. We could use gold to refresh the shop. That would help so much. We could also use gold to refresh our quests (admin edit: see Jed’s post dedicated to this here: Brilliant idea for what to do with gold. DEVS PLEASE TAKE A LOOK!) if we don’t like them or they are going to be to challenging to accomplish at the moment.

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