K9 Obituary

Would love to know what drove the decision to nerf K9. When I first used K9 it would hop around, and I thought the 10 seconds in between was acceptable, but now we have so many dynamic units that do things that completely change the game (Madness being the best example). But this is a legendary unit that now is pretty useless. I just don’t understand why K9 needed to be nerfed so bad.

On a larger scale it seems the devs want to prevent people from using Nash at all. Each new unit from the past seasons for Legion seem to be developed with Avasa in mind, and between K9 & Raptor being even less effective there’s no way I would recommend anyone bother with Nash. If anything, reign in the Nash Rush.


It is sad to be honest, I think k9 was a nice unit, but these chenges goes a bit against its original design in my mind.
Not to mention the way it leaps is quite unreliable.

  1. K9 used to jump just once before
  2. Nash rush is pretty strong. My bet is they tweaked k9 to be more like an assassin instead of a rush powerhouse: it only jumps once (can only kill 1 ranged unit) but they buffed its hp to be ensure the kill on the Target.

I think it is pretty balanced.

Unless killed, K9 had 10 seconds in between jumping. Prior to that (probably around February) it would jump and attack that target, then when the target died it would immediately jump to the next.

I politely disagree, the original version was WAY stronger. Also keep in mind it is a legendary card, it should have something to put it a bit above the rest.

I can’t remember K9 jumping again after kills. Actually I remember how it used to hit the wall nonstop after killing the target (when close to the wall).

I may be wrong though, I’ve never played K9 seriously.

Anyways I believe it is definetly weaker now, but stronger at just killing 1 target (instead of raw pushing power that punishes everything behind the walls)


I actually just added k9 to my deck I think it still has some good uses. I’ve never been a very big fan of all out rush decks but I can see how the old version could’ve done really well with that. I agree with Roman there were units that could kill it in one or two shots before the health buff and I think it was always intended to be an assassin that could jump behind shields. I wouldn’t mind it being able to jump multiple times of course but :man_shrugging:t4: It still does a job

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